The beauty of longer lashes is evident with the fact that whenever beautiful eyes are described, long and beautiful lashes also find its mention. Everybody wants to have long and beautiful eyelashes.Best home remedies to grow longer lashes

When loss of eyelashes occurs, then it may result in huge frustration and worrisome condition. There are various reasons for eyelash loss; one of the prominent reasons is the excessive use of eye makeup products. Some other factors like ageing or some eye infection may also cause the loss of eyelash hairs. Loss of eyelashes is called Madarosis.


Here are some different home remedies that can cause the eyelash growth:

  • Use castor oil or any other oil rich in Vitamin-E:

Castor oil or olive oil is rich in Vitamin-E, and the use of these oils for the eyelash growth is highly recommended as it is very beneficial in the improvement of eyelash growth. Almond oil is equally very beneficial for the eyelash growth as it is a good source of Vitamin-E and other hair benefitting nutrients.

So, you can apply this oil every night on your lashes using a cotton dipped in oil and can leave it to nurture your lash hair every night. Wash off in the morning or wipe with makeup remover.

  • Use vaseline petroleum jelly

The humble can of petroleum jelly has more to offer than just moisturizing the skin. Can lube out the dot amount of petroleum jelly and can apply it to your eyelashes each night before going to bed. Ritually following this routine can leave your eyelash hair shining and will also provide a kick to the growth of eyelash hairs.

  • Apple green tea:

Green tea without sugar can be applied to the eyelashes before going to the bed each night, it can be done using a cotton ball. Wash off the tea remains using a lukewarm water, and you can find tremendous results within 3-4 weeks of regular application of the green tea on eyes.

  • Lemon peel:

Nobody can think that lemon can do benefits to the eyelash hairs, but this is true as lemon peel soaked in olive oil for 4-5 days can do wonders for the eyelash growth. You have to prepare a mixture of the lemon peel and olive oil( or castor oil) and apply the paste to the eyelashes. Wash off the mixture after a few minutes with lukewarm water.

  • Vitamin E:

There are several Vitamin-E rich oils and nutrients rich food items such as almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, sunflower seeds, etc. Use these oils and food items in your daily diet to increase the Vitamin-E content of the food.  Consumption of these can help to accelerate the growth of eyelashes to get the desired results.

  • Glycerine and egg white:

Glycerine is very good to improve the growth of eyelashes; You can use glycerine by mixing 2-3 drops of it with castor oil (1/2 teaspoon). This mixture can be applied to the eyelashes directly and then it is washed off with warm water. You can also use egg white in place of glycerine.

  • Eyelid Massage:

It’s a surprising fact to know that a gentle massage on the eyelids can increase the flow of blood and can improve the growth of the eyelashes. The process can be done on a daily basis to obtain best results and to achieve thick dark, luscious eyelashes.

  • Calendula Flower and cornflower extract:

A very magical eyelash lotion can be prepared by using cornflower and calendula flower oil extract. If you use this lotion for the application on eyelids and lashes on a daily basis, then you can accelerate the growth of eyelashes.  The regular use of these lashes is very important to improve the thickness of eyelashes.

Eyelashes are the very important parts of our eyes. In various cultures, dark, long and thick eyelashes form a very significant part of beauty and feminity. Those who have less or scanty hair around the eyes and eyelids are considered less beautiful. You can try different easy home remedies mentioned above and can trigger the growth of your lash hairs to get beautiful long lashes. Along with these home remedies, you can use different eyelash length accelerators available in the market.