A gorgeous natural look is a dream of every woman. There is no doubt that eyelashes are a beautiful and appealing feature of the body. Pretty eyelashes not only define the eye area, but also frame your face. A majority of women tries false eyelashes, extensions, and plenty of mascara to boost the lashes. These ways to achieve beautiful eyelashes are not safe, so at last, your search for a way to make your eyelashes naturally thicker and longer. With Careprost, your search is over; it is the most effective constituent among the cosmetic industry that has the ability to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes.

Whether you are born with sparse eyelashes, or you have lost your lashes with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, or your eyelashes have thinned as you age, the Careprost ophthalmic solution can help you grow thicker, darker, and longer eyelashes in just a few weeks. Careprost is clinically tested and is approved for safe and effective use as an eyelash enhancer. The preparation is extremely effective for people with sparse eyelashes, or who feel their eyelashes are short. It can be used to attain the effect of mascara without using makeup. The product allows greater freedom from their daily beauty rituals.

Careprost is composed of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which stimulates your eyelashes to grow. The active component is known to prolong the growth of the eyelash cycle. The regular application of carboprost increases the duration of the growth phase and increases the number of hairs in the growth phase, which will lead to longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes.

The eyelash enhancer is formulated to be a home application product to beautify your lashes. You may experience adverse effects including irritation and a change in the color of your iris, which is rare and disappears by own with time.

Key features:

Careprost helps in improving sparse and thinning of lashes to get luxurious thick lashes.

  • Thickens eyelashes
  • Conditions lashes to help protect growth cycle
  • Works without damaging the existing natural set of lashes

Careprost is a once-daily topical treatment that is meant to be applied to the upper eyelid only. It should not be applied on lower lash line. Within a regular use of two weeks to you can see improvement in the length of your lashes and you may see the improvement continuously for up to 16 weeks. After this period, apply careprost every alternative day or twice a day to maintain the lash growth and support dark and thick lashes. There is a possibility that you no longer need to apply layers of mascara to give them a look you dream of.

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