Having the naturally longer and thicker eyelashes is one thing but, if you don’t care about them properly, chances are you may lose their beauty. You have to take care of your lashes with adequate sophistication. Many women rely on natural products while many take the help of mascara and other eye cosmetic products. Well, the application of Careprost eye drop is also a good option to achieve longer and healthy lashes.

Best Techniques for Long Lashes:

 It’s not a rocket science when it comes to taking care of eyelashes. You have a number of options whether you want to grow eyelashes naturally or take an artificial route. You have to find your ways to make your eyelashes appear darker, longer and shiny by putting in less effort. Let us see some of those popular methods that people use to achieve the beautiful eyelashes.

  • Curl lashes carefully for makeup

If you are using an eyelash curler, hold each clamp for a few seconds at a time. Don’t strain or pull the curler and hold it softly. After using the curler, you can coat lashes with the baby powder to dry them properly and then put one or two layers of mascara or any other makeup products. You should not apply eyelash curler every day as it can eventually break or make them weak. You can also use the bimatoprost liquid to maintain the strength of lashes.

  • Castor oil to grow lashes faster

Castor oil is rich in proteins and vitamins that can stimulate the growth of eyelashes. It also helps to repair follicles and makes them stronger and longer. The best time to apply castor oil is just before going to bed and rinse lashes in the morning.

  • Olive oil treatment for eyelash growth

Olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E that can nourish your eyelashes with care. You just have to massage your eyelashes with a few drops of warm olive oil and then leave it for some hours. This is a good practice to grow lashes naturally.

  • Apply Careprost

If natural methods are not proving to be effective enough, you can buy Careprost eye drops that can bring in positive results. This eye solution is often recommended to lower eye pressure to reduce the risk of glaucoma and vision problem. Nevertheless, its capacity to grow eyelashes is like a side effect of the eye drop. Careprost has bimatoprost as its active ingredient that can increase the length of lashes and make them darker and stronger.