The beauty of natural eyelash is something that cannot be replaced, but there is a range of eyelash extenders that seems to be a good substitute for the natural one.. Modern science has made it possible by inventing extenders of eyelash, and by following some specific tips to use lash extenders you can live your dream.

The long and thick feathery eyelashes are frequently seen in the Disney princesses, so the desire to own those fairy-like hairs has grown too. We have seen many famous actresses who use external eyelash and undoubtedly it helps to enhance their facial char. Here are the tips to adorn the eyelash extensions in the best way:

  • Explore all options

It would help you a lot to do a bit research before taking eyelash extension. Take it safe by choosing the reputed and well-established parlor or salon that should be licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. The use of cluster lashes is not a good practice so the single extender should match your face, your skin texture; it is to avoid any odd look once extender is applied. Lash experts can go a certain length or thickness, but it depends a lot on the condition of your natural lashes. Always make sure the adhesive is being applied is non-formaldehyde.


  • Choose appropriate extension

There are three types of eyelash extensions–silk, mink, and synthetic, ranging from 6mm to 17mm. They are a practice to find a thick, lengthy and dense eyelash like a natural one. An appropriate eyelash extender is applied using particularly formulated semi-permanent glue. So it will neither irritate nor damage the natural eyelash. Some allergic reactions are possible so you can switch glue in order to find a better one.

If you are not sure how eyelash extenders would look for the first time, it’s better to start out with a half set (50-60 percent of your top lashes). Since it’s easier to add more lashes rather than removing it, so take steps one-by-one.

  • Keep patience

, it takes 2-3 hours in applying a full set of lashes so that it remains glued for year-around, barring some touch-ups after every 3-4 weeks, so you have to give good time for the procedure. Don’t let moister get your lashes and please avoid workout in gym, stem rooms, hot and humid weather for the first few hours; as adhesive may be reactive and it could stick lashes together that would look like caked-on mascara.

  • Be careful of synthetic products

The use of heavy creams, shampoo, conditioner and oil may loose the bond of lashes, so it’s better to resist them as much as possible. One can also try the oil-free sunscreen and those having oily skins can use blotting papers to keep oil away from the lashes. Be careful of chlorinated water when swimming in the pool, and don’t chlorine dry on lashes otherwise it may give a dry look afterward.

Use of swimming goggles while showering is a good option to consider and don’t forget to reshape your extensions after you shower. Just a gentle comb and blow dryer is enough to fan your lashes. There are many silicon-based products that can help to maintain adhesive bond against the effect of water and oil.

  • Welcome natural lashes too

It’s essential to take care of your natural eyelashes along with eyelash extenders. The natural follicles will always help the extensions to stay strong and long-lasting. If needed uses eyelash conditioner to maintain the health of natural ones. It’s also important to understand natural eyelashes that continuously grow and fall so you have to keep them neat and tidy along with the extenders.

  • Don’t ignore risk factor

Sometimes getting eyelash extensions is a bit painful and expensive procedure that might cost you a fortune. But probably it depends on where you get it done and how professionally they are applied. Sometimes, extensions might cause mild itching and irritation, and it is found that the glue used to stick extenders contains some suspicious chemical components. In some exceptional cases, extender users complain they are unable to find natural eyelashes once they fallout. The overdone of make-up has its cons, as too much use of adhesive may damage to natural eyelashes. Don’t let it happen to you.


If you wish to look glamorous and beautiful, you should not shy away spending some time in research about available options for beautiful long eyelashes and, of course, the appropriate eyelash extenders. Take the best extender available for you. They are versatile, stylish and aesthetic so go on to flaunt and flirt! Best eyelashes extenders is careprost