Women from many ages have been trying their best to find out different natural ways to grow long lashes. However, some of them work while some might not prove that much helpful. But every woman surely shares some of the secrets to growing their eyelashes longer and darker. Grow Back Longer and Thicker Eyelashes naturally with Eyelash enhancer Serums. Grow Back Longer and Thicker Eyelashes naturally with Eyelash enhancer Serums careprost.

Eyelashes frame our eyes and make them appear more beautiful and appealing. They are one of the most beautiful features of our eyes, but without proper nutrition and lack of care eyelashes tends to fall off. However, you do not need to worry as there are several eyelash enhancer serums available in the market to grow thicker and longer lashes back again.

Different ways to get long lashes:

  1. Using artificial eyelashes or false extensions for eyelashes:

A non-natural yet quick way to flaunt longer eyelashes is to use falsies or eyelash extensions. By using it, you can make an illusion of longer and darker eyelashes but the too much frequent use of falsies can result in eyelash loss.


  1. Natural ways to grow eyelashes longer and thicker: natural methods to get longer and thicker eyelashes are better than falsies as they will enrich the eyelash base and will make the eyelashes grow healthy and long.

Castor oil rich in Vitamin-E helps to enhance the growth of eyelash hair by making the root of eyelash hair nourished and healthy. Vitamin-E boosts the growth of eyelashes and makes them dense looking also. Some other options like Vaseline petroleum jelly, and almond oil work in the same way as the Castor oil does.

Enhancer serums to grow eyelashes longer and stronger:

There are some eyelashes enhancers that are pharmaceutical products with a mix of herbal ingredients and a very minute amount of helpful chemical compounds that can accelerate the growth of eyelashes.  The herbal and essential ingredients of the serum can boost the growth of the eyelashes.  The serums are available varied forms like serums in the bottle with the brush or in the mascara like packaging with a brush for proper application.

The way to apply eyelash serums correctly:

  • The eyelash serums (in whatever packaging form you get) require a brush or a Q-tip (in only emergency cases) for the proper application of eyelash serums.
  • You need to apply this serum on your eyelashes carefully while keeping in mind to avoid the direct contact with the eyes as its prolonged contact with eyes may cause iris discoloration.
  • Avoid the spillage into eyes as it may cause irritation in the eyes.
  • Always wash hands before using this product to avoid contamination
  • The eyelash serums can also be used by contact lenses wearers who need to wear the lenses, just keep a check that the eyelash serum has dried before wearing the lenses.

The eyelash enhancers work by providing the essential nutrients to the eyelashes that were dry, brittle and moisture less.  The nutrients available in the serum make the lashes thick, along with providing the lashes a proper texture and appearance. The damaged and lost eyelash hair gains their follicular strength.

The major ingredients that work upon to provide strength and nutrition to the eyelash hair roots are Hyaluronic Acid and Provitamin B5.

Hyaluronic acid works by accelerating the hair growth of eyelashes while Provitamin B5 moisturizes the eyelashes replacing the lost healthy hair shine.

Some tips to get longer eyelashes:

At home, remedies to get longer and thicker eyelashes are numerous. You should try your hands on the natural methods to grow your lashes long before going for false eyelash extension. Your humble Vaseline jelly, the extra virgin olive oil, lip balm and egg white can do wonder to the lash hair growth.

You can also try massaging your eyelids as the eyelid application can improve the blood circulation near the eyes and can boost the growth of eyelashes.

Eyelashes are important so, if you are saddened by your thin lash line or by your falling lashes, then you should try the above give home remedies and the eyelash serum for enhancing the growth of your lashes.  buy careprost Online