Eyelash extensions enhance the overall beauty and boost self-esteem of a woman. These are popular everywhere in the world for helping a woman to get constant compliments. There are different types of lash extensions which are discussed in this blog.

Lash extensions not only provide a woman insanely sexy eyes, but they also allow her to feel at her very best. These also help in enhancing them their length, thickness and fullness to the natural eyelashes. There are numerous brands that offer a wide selection of lash extensions consisting silk, mink, or synthetic hair, but ultimately it is an individual choice  to buy those fake yet crucial beauty enhancers.

Over the past few years, eyelash industry has seen an exponential growth. As a result different types, brands, and styles have been created. Before giving a try to any of the different type, here are some differences between eyelash extensions that you should know.

Difference between eyelashes:

The primary difference between the lashes types depends on their firmness and reliability.

  • Synthetic or silk lashes are meant to be the heaviest as compared to the other mentioned types. These are rated at 0.20mm in thickness.
  • Mink or faux mink are thinner and softer than silk and are also the lightest and delicate types among silk one
  • Another type is faux sable. This type is only recommended to those who have very thin natural eyelashes because these find trouble supporting the weight of mink and silk.

Types of eyelash extensions:

Numerous brands offer a wide selection of lash extensions including synthetics, mink, silk, and human hair. Each type has its unique benefits and weaknesses. In general, the size availability of lash extensions varies. After opting the perfect one, you can apply the lashes using specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye or damage the natural lash. Meanwhile, allergic reactions are possible, so it should be your priority to choose the best one.

Synthetic lashes:

Synthetic lashes are the ones that are most commonly used lashes in the cosmetic industry. These can be availed in different lengths, curls and thicknesses.

Cons of synthetic lashes:

  • These are very hard, not too much flex, heavy, and can also cause damage your natural lashes, if not properly maintained.
  • Require frequent fillings and also doesn’t last very long
  • Due to their weight issues these tend to lift, flip around and lean to one side or the other

Mink lashes:

These lashes can offer you a 100% natural look. Mink lashes are very popular because of their natural look and fluffiness. These are produced by the mink tail, either the Siberian mink or the Chinese mink.

Cons of mink lashes:


  • These are often imitated
  • All Mink lashes are not perfect at holding their shape
  • One of the most common drawbacks of mink lashes is that these are very expensive

Faux mink eyelash extensions:

The faux mink lashes are the fake ones, but these are more affordable as compared to their counterparts. You can get these in every length and curl. Moreover, your love for this type will grow instantly because of its holding characteristics like if you get them wet, they won’t lose their curl.

Sable lashes extensions:

Sable eyelashes are one of the thinnest of the lashes rated at 0.10mm. These are made from natural hair like mink and also have the same quality as the mink lashes except they’re even lighter and softer.

Cons of sable eyelash extensions:

  • Very expensive
  • Can only be used if your natural eyelashes are very fine

Silk eyelashes:

Silk eyelash extensions are quite soft and flexible and can be available in all lengths and curls. These are light and easy to wear and are also comfortable than Acrylic ones. Women can also use silk lash extensions for everyday usage. One of the greatest advantages of using silk lash extensions is that these are great for short term wear since they are thicker, full and have a perfect curve. These already hold a dark pigment, so there is no need for mascara.

Cons of silk eyelash extensions:

  • Due to their reasonable cost than mink or sable, these fail to provide optimum comfort what mink or sable does.
  • These are heavier in comparison with the mink and sable lashes

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