Call it ingrown eyelash or trichiasis; this is a condition when the curl of eyelashes grows inward or toward your eyes that cause a lot of discomforts. There are various causes and symptoms of the ingrown eyelash. Careprost eye care proves to be an effective solution for this condition.

Are you experiencing an unusual way or a reverse growth of your eyelashes? If yes, don’t worry you are not alone with this problem known as ‘ingrown eyelash’. This problem can happen to the lower lid or upper eyelid. The affected eye(s) may become pink, swollen, watery and irritated. Experts find that typical sensitivity emanated from the chronic cases of trichiasis may cause permanent corneal scarring, eye pain and even vision loss. Careprost comes up with an effective and fair treatment of ingrown eyelash that you can try under prescription. Here are some prominent causes of the ingrown eyelash that we probably note.

Causes of ingrown eyelash:

There are various causes of ingrown eyelash and it can equally affect men and women of any age groups. Some of its causes are listed here to make you understand, such as:

  • Eyelid infections

Experts find eyelid infections are highly responsible for the reverse growth of eyelash. Such infections cause a cycle of inflammation that disturbs the natural growth of lashes as they turn inward.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis brings high inflammation to the eyelids and it affects the capacity of cells that build up skin too quickly. This condition results in thick patches of skin cells of eyelids that further disturb the normal growth of eyelashes.

  • Inflammatory diseases

The inflammatory diseases like chronic blepharitis can damage your eyelids that eventually cause the inward growth of eyelashes. Such diseases can happen due to internal or external factors in any seasons.

  • Eye injury

A severe or mild injury may hurt the sensitivity of eyelids that is responsible for the ingrown eyelashes. If an eye injury is not healed correctly; it disturbs the normal development of eyelashes that may cause their reverse growth.

  • Distichiasis

Distichiasis is a rare eyelid disease that can cause the reverse growth of eyelashes. Usually, this condition forms two rows of eyelashes of which one row grows in the reverse direction.

  • Epiblepharon

Epiblepharon is a congenital disorder that can turn eyelashes towards the skin. This eye condition basically affects the muscles around the eye and pushes eyelashes to grow inwards.

  • Trachoma and glaucoma

The natural growth of eyelashes is fairly disturbed due to trachoma and glaucoma, as eye muscles and skin are affected. Solutions like Careprost eye drops can significantly treat this condition to encourage the outward growth of eyelashes.

Signs and symptoms of ingrown eyelash:

Ingrown eyelashes or trichiasis shows some symptoms that are triggered by various factors. Its signs are not particularly related to a cause but there can be a combination of eye conditions. The major signs of ingrown eyelash include:

  • Vision disturbance

Disruption of vision in ingrown eyelash is quite common. In some cases, this condition badly affects your natural eyesight and disturbs the normal functions of a cornea. You can try Careprost solutions to prevent the risks of severe trichiasis and maintain a healthy vision.

  • Eye inflammation

You can feel the eye inflammation like Blepharitis at the time of reverse growth of eyelashes. Such an inflammation affects the growth of eyelid. Eye inflammation also causes infection to inflame eyelid, setting the development of ingrown lashes.

  • Pain and discomfort in eye

Some discomfort and pain in the eye may indicate the presence of ingrown eyelashes. The beginning of trichiasis raises a sensation in the eye, and when this condition is at its severe best; you feel pain and continuous discomfort. Sometimes, ingrown lashes discomfort makes it a bit difficult to open the eye.

  • Dry eye

The persistence of dryness in the eye is commonly seen before or during the pertinence of ingrown eyelash. A dry eye further invokes irritation and pain in the eye. Experts recommend the application of lubricating ointment or eye drops like Careprost to treat such an eye irritation and sensation.

Other symptoms of ingrown eyelash:

Some other signs of trichiasis can be included as:

  • Ocular autoimmune disease (trachoma)
  • Excess outflow of eye fluid
  • Scar on eyelid
  • Pink eye
  • Blurred vision

Treatment of ingrown eyelash:

Usually, a medical procedure called epilation is considered to treat ingrown eyelashes. In this procedure, an eye specialist removes eyelash that is ingrown. It offers fast relief from this eye condition.

Electrolysis is another medical procedure that can kill the cells that are responsible for the ingrown eyelash. It provides a rather permanent treatment of ingrown eyelash.

Cryotherapy or cryosurgery is widely used to ensure the outward growth of eyelashes. In this treatment procedure, liquid nitrogen is used to remove the infected eyelashes. Apart from these, a surgical procedure with anesthetic is also performed to safely change the direction of eyelash growth.

Severe cases of ingrown eyelash are given more intensive surgical treatment that involves laser removal to burn follicles. Careprost eye drops are also recommended to avoid the inward growth of eyelashes.