Interesting Facts about Your Eye Color

The eyes are the most expressive element of anybody’s personality. It tells everything about the person and is also considered a mirror of the soul. Here are some eye color facts that will reveal something interesting about your personality.

One of the most common quotes about eyes is that these are the windows to our souls because the moment you interact with someone, you look into the eyes. These tell a lot about a person you are talking. Eyes are expressive as these sparkles when you’re happy and become teary when you’re sad. However, eye color itself hides a host of hidden meanings. Here in this blog you will find various facts about eye colors.

Hazel eyes:

Hazel colored eyes look breathtakingly eye-opening. This color is a beautiful mixture of brown and green color, and elegant is the word that truly defines the people with hazel eyes. The facts associated with hazel colored eyes include the following:

  • People with hazel colored eyes are spontaneous, fun-loving and always up for an adventure.
  • People with this eye color are easily adaptable to any situation, meaning they are brave and courageous who encourage diversity.
  • Real but an insane fact is that relationships of hazel eyed people not last very long unless you are in the same category.
  • The temper of hazel colored eye people is another thing that you need to be aware. If you deal with that, then there won’t be any problem for you and you will enjoy the company.


Green eyes:

Very few people in the entire world have green eyes. This fact makes this eye color the least common among all eye colors. It has been said that only two percent of people around the world have this eye color. One of the most common traits of people with green color eyes is that they get jealous very soon. But, the positives defeat the negative, as there are numerous positive green eye facts associated with it. These are as follows:

  • Intelligence and curiosity are the keys for people with this color eyes
  • People having green color eyes are passionate and also have a zest for living life to the fullest

Brown eyes:

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world. It is believed that people with this eye color are simple, creative and positive. They are usually the happy-go-lucky people and are close to the nature. One of the negative traits of brown eye colored people is that they sometimes find difficulty in expressing themselves to people. Below are numerous brown color, eye facts:

  • People with this eye color are independent and determined. They know what to do and also know how to get it.
  • Brown colored eyes people have a soft side like they are affectionate, caring, friendly and loving.
  • There are chances that people with this eye color have a polite nature, trustworthy heart and the desire to do something to help others.


It is uncommon to find people with brown eyes in some parts of the world, especially Iceland. People with this eye color are in the minority there by a long way. But, you can find people with brown eyes everywhere in Africa and Asia.

Blue eyes:

The blue color resembles freshness and liveliness, and most people desire to have this eye color. There isn’t any surprise that blue eyes are the most desired eye color in the world. Some of the blue eye color facts are as mentioned below:

  • Studies have suggested that people with this eye color are peaceful, smart, kind and full of youth and life
  • People with blue eye color have long-lasting relationships and are also energetic
  • One of the most prominent features about people with blue eye color personality is that they have an inherent desire to make other people happy.
  • People having this eye color are keen on observing things and are also extroverts

Gray eyes:

People with Gray eyes are believed to have strong characters. They have a dominant attitude and also have a rational and analytical mindset. It is also believed that people with Gray eyes don’t afraid taking the lead in any situation. However, there are other softer sides of people with Gray eyes, which are as follows:

  • People with gray colored eyes are gentle and loyal
  • They put their passion in whatever they do, be it profession or personal life
  • Gray eye colored people also take love and romance seriously
  • They have a creative and imaginative bent
  • They are also flexible in their attitude


You are born with the perfect eye color, and you can’t do anything about it. No matter what color it is, you all have stereotypes that are unique and fits your personality.