Careprost is commonly known as an eyelash enhancer. It provides your eyelashes with the extra volume that you may have always desired or wished for. It is a wonderful product; many women notice a difference within as little as three applications and see great results that they decide to continue its usage. The ophthalmic solution has given the opportunity to grow longer, stronger, and beautiful eyelashes at a truly unbeatable price.

Like other beauty products, Careprost too has some minor side effects along with amazing benefits. These side effects may include itchy eyes, visual disturbances, and watery eyes. Most of these adverse effects are temporary and go away with time.

The product thickens and darkens eyelashes through a process that is not fully understood. Like hair on your head, lashes sprout, grow for a while and eventually fall out. Careprost works to interrupt the cell cycle of the hair and extends the hair growth, by increasing the number of hairs that sprout.

Careprost- The best lashes growth solution

Careprost is supplied in the form of eyedrops for topical administration. It is the only answer that attempts to expand the length and thickness of eyelashes. Within a period of eight weeks, longer rich eyelashes will begin to detectable with full length happening in sixteen weeks.

The eye drops are utilized to treat hypotrichosis, when eyelash growth is irregular or not having an adequate amount of lashes. It provides amazing results for natural and gorgeous eyelashes. The formulation is successful in providing noticeable effects and growth of eyelashes in just four weeks of application. Your lashes get longer, darker, and thicker if you regularly apply Careprost before going to sleep.

Use of Careprost

Apply the solution continuously for 16 weeks for most extreme eyelash development. Once you stop using the solution, your eyelashes will come back to their previous state in a couple of weeks or months. You should make Careprost a part of a weekly regimen to maintain the achieved results for a longer duration. It should be noted down that the ophthalmic solution helps absolutely almost people who use it.

Apply the solution by dabbing it on the upper eyelash with the use of the sterile applicator. Repeat the process for opposite eye too. There is no need to apply the solution on your lower lash line as it spreads to your lower lash line automatically once you blink. You must remove your makeup and clean your face before each application. Also remove your contact lenses, if wears. However, you can reinsert your contacts after 15 to 30 minutes of the application.

Apply it carefully as it may promote hair growth on other skin areas wherever it will fall on the skin. It is a not a cosmetic like mascara; do not use it in place of mascara. However, you can apply mascara over it to enhance the look of your eyelashes.