It’s a universal truth accepted by women all over the world that all women are not equally blessed with thick and luxurious eyelashes. The eyelashes provide our eyes a better definition and they make the eyes look more attractive.

Thinning and falling of eyelashes is one of the most common eyelash problems faced by women. If you are among those women who try various tricks and techniques to hide their sparse eyelashes, then you can claim your right with nature by using a revolutionary product known as Careprost.

Women and their eyelashes: for women, eyelashes and their beauty is one of the major things that forms a part of their face. While, for a moment men can miss the eyelash health or their thickness, women love to own thick and luxurious eyelashes. To make your eyelashes longer you can rely on Careprost.


Careprost product is the result of an experience encountered by the patients of glaucoma who used the product to relieve their intraocular pressure in the eyes and to treat glaucoma. The people who were using bimatoprost ophthalmic product realized that their eyelashes starting to grow thicker and longer day by day with the use of Careprost. Thus, it was understood that Careprost has the ability to treat glaucoma as well as take care of the eyelash growth. Careprost 0.03% is an eyelash growth serum that is good for the treatment of Hypotrichosis as well as decrease the intraocular pressure (IOP).

The ability of Careprost to give naturally longer eyelashes:

Careprost contains bimatoprost ophthalmic, and it has a strong ability to repair the damage caused to the eyelashes due to pollution, inflammation and allergy. Careprost works similar to the natural prostaglandin to increase the thickness and length of eyelashes. The drug is known to enhance the growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle thus ensuring a strong and rapid growth of eyelash hair.

How to use Careprost to get longer and thicker eyelashes:

You just require a single drop of the solution to get the best of all benefits for your eyelashes using this product. You can use a brush (similar to eyeliner brush) to take the amount of product from the bottle, just enough to  cover the lash line. Apply the product at the base of the upper eyelashes on the lash line and draw a line all along.

Repeat the process with the other eye. Do not apply on the lower eyelashes as it may accidentally enter the eye. Do this daily for about 2-4 months in order to get the best result. Apply the product on your eyes daily before bed. Within just 4 months you will find a significant difference in the length of the eyelashes and you will be able to get the desired length of eyelashes.

After getting the desired length of eyelashes do not stop using the product, instead you can reduce the application of the product for 3 times a week just to maintain the length of eyelashes.

Today everyone wants to have long eyelashes and flaunt beautiful eyelashes. If you are not fortunate enough, then do not worry, just try Careprost eyelash growth serum as it is one of the safest and highly effective eyelash enhancing products available i