Eyelashes are one of the most beautiful yet most uncured parts of our body. Although we love to have long lashes but maintenance and care of eyelashes is the often ignored. Just like we take care of your scalp hair, it is equally necessary that you take care of your lash hair also.

The eyelash growth treatment, cosmetics, artificial eyelashes and the environmental factors all play a great role in causing allergies, infections and other eyelash problems. Here we have compiled a recipe for your help. You can make your eyelash enhancer serum that not only accelerates the growth of eyelashes but also it nourishes them to grow bigger and healthier.

Natural homemade eyelash enhancer serum:

Although genetic aspects of eyelash length and thickness cannot be ignored, yet there are a lot of things that you can do about your eyelash. There are so many people with long eyelashes, and some have just sufficient amount of lash hair. So, those ladies who do not have the lucky genes for longer lashes can do experiments (in some natural ways of course!) To get those dramatically beautiful eyelashes.

There is a huge connection between your hair health and your diet. The more nutrition that you get, the healthier your hair will be. So, if you are taking insufficient amounts of Vitamins like A, B and C then you may suffer from loss of eyelashes. One should also avoid the overuse of cosmetics items such as mascara and fake lashes that may harm your natural lash growth.

Ingredients for natural eyelash growth serum:

  1. One teaspoon of castor oil
  2. One teaspoon of emu oil(you can use extra castor oil instead)
  3. Half teaspoon of coconut oil
  4. 2 capsules of Vitamin E(optional)

Steps to make the natural serum:

  1. Take the ingredients and mix them all together
  2. Store the mixture in a dropper bottle
  3. To use, fill the dropper with the mixture by suction and then take it on a cotton swab or your finger.
  4. Gently apply the mixture on the upper lash line
  5. Do it daily before going to bed and wash off in the morning
  6. Use it regularly to find the best results.

Different kinds of oils that you can use in homemade eyelash enhancer to grow longer lashes:

Castor oil- it contains a huge amount of omega six fats and vitamins along with some essential proteins that are necessary to increase the growth of eyelashes

Coconut oil- it has long been used in various home hair treatment procedures.  This oil moisturises and nourished the hair shaft thereby accelerating the growth.

Emu oil- emu oil is very good for hair. It is mom comedogenic, promotes skin regeneration, has anti-wrinkle properties, performs a transdermal function and thus helps the eyelash hair to grow.

Vitamin E oil- it is an optional thing. You may also use Vitamin-E capsules for the same purpose also.

So, before opting for any cosmetic help to grow your eyelashes, you should give a try to the home made eyelash enhancing serums as they are completely safe and cost effective also.