Both the eye make-up and cosmetics have the power to give you an edge. Applying mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow may be easy and fun. But, they can also cause you harm if used carelessly.

The eyes are vital and delicate organs that may be vulnerable to infection and irritation if foreign particles indulge with them. Natural aggregators like wind, sun, dust, and dirt all can hamper the eyes. In fact, cosmetic products that you put on or near your eyes like eyeshadow and mascara can also intensify irritation and inflammation. Moreover, some severe types of infection caused to eyes can also result in vision loss.

Not only applying the cosmetics make your eyes prone to complications, but even unscrupulous removing of makeup also triggers the issue. To deal with the situation below are various healthy eye makeup tips you should follow to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Do’s and Don’ts of using eye makeup:

There are a plenty of eye makeup tips through which you can make sure your eyes are lovely and healthy. Some of the beneficial tips are as follows:

  • Make sure to clean your hands before applying the makeup
  • Don’t stick to the old makeup kit instead toss it after using it for several months because bacteria and fungi can grow quickly in the tubes that are enough to irritate and damage the eyes.
  • Avoid using mascara that’s dried out. Make sure to mark the date on the container or tube, as doing this will not let you use the product past its shelf –life.
  • Always keep the eye cosmetics in a cool place
  • Avoid doing mix and match, only use the product that is intended for. If the product is specifically for eyes, then make sure to use it on eyes. Moreover, avoid using the same pencil for both lips and eyes, as this can introduce bacteria.
  • Abstain yourself from applying cosmetics to the inner eyelid. Doing this will provoke the lids and eyes
  • While driving or riding a car, avoid putting on eye cosmetics because the mascara wand can easily scratch your cornea.
  • Make sure that you will not share cosmetics with other family members or friends because sharing can aggravate bacteria.
  • Try to stay away from Kohl, it is also called Kajal. In some parts of the world, Kohl is extensively used to enhance the appearance of the eyes. However, Kohl is currently unapproved by the FDA. As per the FDA reports, kohl consists dangerous levels of lead, which is enough for causing harm to the eyes.
  • Additionally, make sure to clean the eye cosmetic applicators before using them. You can also replace the brushes and sponges frequently.

Removing eye makeup tips:

Applying the eye makeup safely is paramount to prevent injury because anything that may be close to the eyes can potentially cause damage. In case, you have painstakingly draws that perfect line without getting the cosmetics in the eye, the time is to remove them safely.

  • It is advised to remove all the makeup before going to bed at night
  • If you wear contact lenses, then wearing makeup can cause a lot of problems for your eyes. Cosmetics can leave deposits on your lenses and make eyes dry and irritated, resulting in affecting the vision. So, it is vital to gently wash off your eye makeup each night with water to prevent further complications.
  • You can also follow the instructions mentioned on the cosmetic label to remove the makeup. Different labels specify different instructions to remove the makeup, some recommends with just soap and water, some with cold cream, and others with makeup remover. But, the primary focus should be to remove makeup gently, as the eyes and skin surrounding them is very sensitive.