Are you experiencing an excessive fall of eyelashes and they are not growing as much as you want? So, don’t worry and be happy, because you have almost reached a place where you will get complete information on how to increase the eyelash strands.

Having insufficient eyelashes is pretty common to see in most women. So what is the solution for that? Is it mascara or external eyelash? Well, we will not recommend mascara or external/false eyelash option. Rather we will ask to opt a natural way to lengthen your eyelashes with Careprost Eye Drop – a unique liquid solution that promises to provide you fuller, longer and thicker lashes within a few months of regular application.

Careprost for Eyelash Growth:

Careprost Eye Drop is actually developed to reduce intraocular pressure within your eyes but its users often experience good growth in eyelashes. In other words, this medication is originally created to treat eye conditions intraocular pressure and glaucoma but users noticed good side effect as they experience thicker and darker eyelashes over a period of regular application. This unintended benefit gives your eyes a transformed look. Many beauty experts also find that there is no problem in using this solution as long as it does not show any negative effects.

What does Careprost contain?

The main active ingredient of Careprost Eye Drop is Bimatoprost 0.03%. This ingredient, which is derived from fatty acids, can penetrate deep into the hair follicles in order to promote blood flow in the scalp. The increased blood flow also encourages the growth of lashes to give them a healthier, fuller and gorgeous look.

The application of Careprost for eyelash growth:

The best time to use Careprost is night, just a while before going to bed. You can use the provided brush or applicator to apply the liquid at the root of the lashes, the upper line of the eyelash. Let it work overnight and wash your eyes with lukewarm water in the morning. Use it once a day up to 12-16 months to see good changes in the look of your lashes.

Benefits of Careprost Eye Solution:

Careprost offers several benefits that have made this product so popular. Its benefits can be listed as:

  • An affordable option to treat glaucoma
  • An effective solution to reduce intraocular pressure
  • Boosts the growth of eyelashes
  • Easy to use
  • A replacement of expensive mascara
  • Good for eye vision

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