Women are often duped by sales persons that the makeup products they are buying have ingredients that are very good for the skin but actually the products including eye makeup contain various harmful chemicals.

Today, market is laden with several beauty products and women tend to spend a fortune on them in hope to look beautiful. The stark truth behind the scene is that each year women absorb approximately 5lb of the harmful chemicals from the cosmetic products they use.

Women might haven’t even thought that the foundation they layer on, the blush with which they dash their cheeks and the strokes of mascara can contain loads of chemicals that do not prettify your face but can actually contain hundreds of potential harmful chemicals that can severely damage your skin health.

Rather than spending overwhelmingly on these chemical based products you must go for more herbal and natural based versions of eyemakeup products, shampoos and other facial cosmetics.

Here is the brief of some hazardous chemicals that you must watch out for in the makeup products before you reach your wallet to pay:

  1. Lead:

Lipsticks are laden with lead. Whenever you layer a swipe of lipstick on your pout you are layer lead on your lips. Lead has been in use in the cosmetic products for very long. This harmful chemical in makeup product is found in almost all brands including some of the leading one too. Although lead is not listed in the list of ingredients on the products and is viewed as a contaminant of the pigments used in the lipsticks and eye makeup products.

Lead is neurotoxin and can cause severe developmental problem in children. It has also been linked to miscarriages and infertility.

  1. Formaldehyde:

It is one of the major harmful chemical used in eye makeup products like mascara and eye shadow. It is also used in shampoos, conditioners, hand wash, lotions antiperspirant and make removers etc. The major use of formaldehyde is due to its properties like disinfectant, preservative and fungicidal properties

Excessive use can result in cancer, contact dermatitis, headaches, depression, chest pain and dizziness etc.

  1. Paraben:

Paraben are excessively used in eye makeup products in the form of substitutes like ethyl Paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben and others. This harmful chemical is used in the eye makeup products because of the presertive property of Paraben. Paraben extend the shelf life of the cosmetic product.

Paraben are known to cause several health issues including, cancer, endocrine problems , neurological problems, immunotoxicity, and skin irritation etc.

  1. Phthalates:

These chemical are highly used in the products like nail polish, sprays, body lotions, and deodorants etc. These are made up of soft plastic and are highly malleable. Although this chemical is banned in Europe but it is still used in various makeup products.

Too much use of the cosmetics containing phthalate and its derivatives can result in cancer risks, premature breast development, liver, and lung and kidney cancer.

  1. Ethoxylated compounds:

These chemical compounds are found in various cosmetic products from foundation, nail paint, lip gloss and lipstick to eyeliner and mascara. They are printed in the list of ingredients under the pseudonym of peg or ‘eth’ on the label of cosmetics etc. Although this chemical compound is enlisted in the name of toxins causing cancer, addition of ethylene oxide in the chemical compound may make them less harmful for the skin.

  1. Sodium laureth sulphate/laurel sulphate:

It is one of the most common chemical compound found toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, bath salts, body and shower gel etc.  SLES and LS are both banned in Europe and Central America. The major reason for the use of these harmful chemical in the makeup and other toiletries is because of their emulsifying property and their ability to produce foam is used as a major base for shampoos, soaps etc.

Apart from the above mentioned harmful chemical, the make products may contain many other substances that may hurt your health and skin overall. It is very disheartening fact that there is no criteria for pretesting of these cosmetic products before they reach households. Also FDA hasn’t provided any guideline for the approval of the ingredients used in the cosmetic products.


Every time you approach for personal care and makeup products be cautious and look for the label. Avoid the harmful chemicals present in the eye makeup and other cosmetic products. Search and look out for those alternative ingredients that are natural, herbal and safer to the skin and the overall health.