Since very long time women all over the world have strived to get longer and thicker eyelashes. Eyelashes are considered one of the most beautiful and attractive part of a women’s face. Sparse and thin eyelashes are not considered attractive while the women with long, thick and dark eyelashes are associated with High levels of confidence, well-being and attractiveness.

There are various methods to increase the beauty of eyelashes or to enhance their aesthetic appearance by different methods.


Eyelashes are unique hair that grows on our eyelids. The unique growth properties of eyelashes allow the person to increase their aesthetic appearance using various techniques. Eyelashes have longer telogen phase and short anagen phase compared to head hair; eyelashes growth rate is also very slow, and they are least influenced by androgen.

Different methods used by women to increase their eyelash beauty:

To enhance the appearance of eyes women all over the world have employed some techniques like OTC solutions, prescription drugs, surgical options and home remedies.

OTC cosmetic options to beautify the appearance of eyelashes:

The cosmetic options to enhance eyelash thickness are many. The most common out of all the options is mascara. For very long women all over the globe have been using this product to thicken the eyelashes using the waxes, pigments, resins, fibers and talc. The liquid mascara works by drying up after some time of application and leaving the eyelashes temporarily thick.

However, these cosmetics are not approved by FDA for their safety and efficacy. Apart from mascara some cosmetics uses prostaglandins, natural extracts and vitamins for the eyelash enhancing purpose.

Prescription options to beautify the appearance of eyelashes:

If the OTC cosmetic options are not working for you, then you can use Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution (0.03%). It is the only product that is approved by FDA for its safety and efficacy to enhance the growth of eyelashes of the patient who is either suffering from hypotrichosis or is having naturally sparse lash hair.

Bimatoprost is a synthetic prostaglandin that was earlier approved in the year 2001 for the treatment of ocular hypertension and glaucoma, but late in the year 2006 in a clinical research study it was noticed that during the treatment of glaucoma, patients who were treated with bimatoprost experienced a growth of eyelashes. The drug is required to be applied on the upper eyelids for up to six weeks to see the difference in the lash length.

When prescribed to use careprost as an eyelash enhancer, it should be used with a sterilised, single use applicator, used to apply on the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of eyelashes.

Surgical options and prosthetics:

Artificial eyelashes are a common option today. Either the eyelashes are false eyelashes made up of synthetic materials, or they are donated human eyelashes that give the eyelashes a longer appearance.  The artificial eyelashes are also called falsies, as they can be easily applied to the eyelids by sticking it using adhesives. However, the adhesives used and the solvent used to move the falsies can cause allergies in some people. The eyelashes adhesive quality may help the falsies to remain in place for up to several weeks.

Apart from falsies, eyelash transplantations are also an option for people who have empty eyelash lines. During this eyelash transplantation procedure the hair follicles are transferred from the scalp to the margins of the eyelids. Regular trimming is required in this case as the hair is from scalp hair; some patients may feel pain, bleeding, irritation, numbness and blindness.

These are the common methods used to improve the eyelash length and to make the lash hair look longer and thicker. Aside from these options, many home remedies to increase the eyelash length also work.