On one hand, we have to face some extreme weather conditions and on the other hand, we have to take care of our sensitive body parts. When both the concerns come along, it becomes essential to take some extra care in order to chord a balance. Effects of hot summer on eyelash and skin pose such a case. The eyelash care in summer season is the talk of the day, and those who are using eyelash extenders should know what eye make-up products they have to mull over.

There are some effective tips to get dazzling eyelashes without facing the severity of hot and humid summer season.

  1. Give time for sparkling and strong eyelashes 

Allowing grace period to eyelashes after applying them is very important. It makes adhesive to fully bond the extenders to your natural eyelash so the moisture and hotness in summer season do not upset it easily. If you don’t allow that much of time, then the chances are extensions would shed prematurely.

  1. Keep expert advice in hot conditions

The application of external eyelash is truly an art that requires proper practice, training and understanding of the quality lashes. It is advised not to use eyeliners and mascaras along with the lash extensions, and those using waterproof products could potentially relax the bond created by the adhesive. Generally 30 to 60 eyelashes per eye are required to give it a natural look; on the other hand, if poorly treated, the clumps of adhesive could lead the lashes stuck together and cause irritation and eyelash fallout in the effect of summer. One should also consider a reference call in order to ascertain the veracity of extender’s durability in the hot and humid conditions.

  1. Routine touch-ups are essential

External eyelashes are not forever, but routine maintenance and occasional touch-ups can endure their lives and beauty, and it hardly takes about 45 minutes in one go. You should take touch-up applications once in 2 to 3 weeks, while eyelashes care in summer particularly invites it a bit earlier. As per the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes, they fall off every 45-60 days and are naturally replaced with the new ones. In summer, natural eyelashes grow faster, therefore it is essential to keep regular touch-up of the extensions to keep them aligned with the natural hair.

  1. Extra protection for summer season

At the time when summer is approaching, you have to have some extra protection for the skin and eyelash to keep the burn effects at bay. Be careful when using sunscreen to protect tanning as the chemical components in it could damage your lashes and generate irritation. Sunglasses perfectly shield eyes and if you get an allergic to the air pollution and heat-induced sweat, it would be wise to use coating more for eyelashes care in summer. When heat turns up you should also increase the use of protective coating from once in a week to two times.

  1. No need to shy away from water play

In summer, water play attracts all of us and there should be no hesitation to enjoy it for the sake of eyelashes; you just have to be mindful to get lashes drenched and upright before jumping in the swimming pool, water adventure or sports. Please don’t rub your eyes after getting out of the swimming pool or shower as it can disturb the lashes, instead, dry it with the soft touch above and below the extenders. It will also help to reduce friction without loosening the adhesive bond.


  1. Quality extensions are the first

Extenders are a wonderful beauty product, but with the summer heating on its way it becomes a bit harder to look after them. While selecting external eyelashes it is important to keep information of its quality in terms of durability, applicability, adhesive quality, friction, negligible side-effects, weatherproofing, etc. The assistance of certified beautician or make-up expert is equally important; otherwise lash application could go weird in the hot summer. The extensions are available in a range of lengths and thickness and each person’s lashes requirement is different. They can be access both online and offline.

There are some specific varieties of eyelashes that you can enjoy in summer or humid conditions. The blue or purple eyelashes create an iridescent appearance in the summer shine; Furthermore, red, orange, yellow and green extensions are available for your crazy look. Love moonlit night parties? Try tiny sparkling sequins or crystal extensions, they are perfect for all seasons and remain luscious for a long time.


The expert advice is a must when purchasing high standard extensions as you would not like to compromise with the health and glamorous look. Your eyelash care in summer should not be a concern before travelling in hot and humid conditions. Science has developed a number of extensions to take care of your eyes so don’t shy away to blink and wink in the sunshine. growth your eyelash growth with Careprost serum, it is very effective and looking affordable