Thin eyelashes, that are sparse can snatch away the attention that you get from your beautiful eyes. Eyelashes like other hairs on the body fall and grow back too. This procedure can happen normally, but in some cases the over lose of the eyelashes happen leaving meager lash hairs. This may happen due to some medical reason and the condition is termed as Hypotrichosis.

In case you have lost your eyelashes unexpectedly, then there might be some untreated conditions behind that hence you should visit your doctor immediately for a check up. The doctor is the one who can determine that whether this is a medical problem, a drug reaction, side-effects or a  due to any other disease.

There are various reasons due to which the eyelash may fall:

  • Alopecia
  • Thyroid
  • Chemotherapy
  • Chemical Allergy
  • Belpharitis
  • Trichotillomania Tangle

All these conditions may cause the eyelashes to fall rapidly and profusely in certain areas and the conditions may also stunt the growth of eyelashes all together.

So, for those people who are curious to know that whether there lashes will ever grow back after all this stress, the perfect answer is Careprost. It is such a product that will cause eyelashes grow back. It contains Bimatoprost as the active ingredient.

How does Careprost work?

Careprost works by widening the bulb at the root of the hair, which makes the hair of the lashes grow thicker. The thicker hairs are more noticeable during the early stages of hair growth when the new hairs are smaller in size. Eyelashes also grow faster than normal and they remain the same length and thickness while Careprost is continuously used.

How to use it?

Careprost drops are needed to be applied at the base of the upper eyelashes of each eye. Application can be done using the fine eyeliner brush. You need to place the drop on the brush and then draw a line immediately across the skin of the upper eyelid. Move from the inner part of the eye towards the outer part.

It is very necessary to remove any extra amount of solution dripping off the eye. You should not worry if a small amount of drops enters your eye.

The results of the use of Careprost start showing after 8-9 weeks and the best desired results appear within 12-14 weeks of the use of Careprost. Once you get the desired results you can maintain the length by applying it once every week. Hence the consumer must be aware that if the use of the product is stopped then the lashes may grow back to normal size. You can order careprost.