Bimatoprost is a key ingredient of the prescription. Bimatoprost is the prescription drug used for the treatment of Hypotrichosis, a condition of very thin or sparse eyelashes. The product is known to make the eyelashes grow and longer, thicker and darker.

Hypotrichosis is the scientific term used for describing very inadequate or thin eyelashes. When applied perfectly and for enough time you can get your desired eyelashes. Here we have compiled a description to make it easier for the user to understand the best ways to use the drug so as to get completely satisfactory results.

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Step-1. Before application

Before applying bimatoprost on your eyelashes, make sure that your face is clean of dirt and any makeup. Contact lenses should also be removed before application of the drug, and any other facial care product should also be removed.

  1. Step-2. Preparation to apply

Take the applicator, and hold the sterile applicator in your hands, place the single drop of Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic on the sterile applicator. Do not touch the bottle nozzle with the applicator brush.

  1. Step-3. Apply

Immediately take the applicator near the eyelid with your eye closed. Apply the product on your upper eyelid base skin (the place where eyelashes meet the skin). Draw the line going from the innermost eyelashes to the outer part of eyes. Never apply the careprost on your lower lash line or inside your eyes. It is because the hair growth may occur in the unwanted regions also.

  1. Step-4. Blot the excess

An excess amount of any solution that drips or remains on the eyelids should be carefully bloated away with the help of tissue.

  1. Step-5. Dispose of the applicator

It is best to use a sterile applicator each time you use the product on your eye. Repeat the complete process again for the other eye with preferably a new applicator brush. Using a new and sterile applicator will ensure to minimize the potential contamination if any.

The application regimen:

If you want to find good results while using the product, then you should be patient enough and should have the regularity in the application also. Apply the product daily at night before going to sleep. To avoid forgetting the application of the product keeps it near your skin care essentials. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution might take a month to start showing the actual results. Apply continuously for 3-5 months daily and then when you get the desired length of eyelashes then stop the application and reduce it to 2-3 times in a week. So, it is very necessary that you avoid missing the application until you find the lashes of desired length and thickness. In case you forget to apply a scheduled dose, then do not apply the double dose of the product next day.

Some important do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not apply the product on the lower lid of the eyes, if accidently it happens then blot away excess of the solution with the help of tissue
  • Use sterile applicators to apply the solution on the eyelids
  • Never allow the bottle tip to touch any surface such as skin or any area where contamination of bacteria or other infectious things can happen
  • Before applying the product remove the contact lenses, if any
  • Do not stop using the product completely as it may bring the eyelashes to return to their original appearance. You can buy careprost online from at affordable price.