For a healthy body we go to gym, for a beautiful skin we go to spas and salons, for a peaceful mind we go to meditation center, but where do we go for health of our beautiful eyes? Here are some good habits the ophthalmology experts emphasize on to preserve our often neglected eyes and vision-

  1. Increase the time spent on outdoor activities every day

It is interesting to note that spending time on outdoor activities like ball games, walks in the park or a family picnic at the beach etc. curb the myopic (near sightedness) problems in the children.  Outdoor activities should not include reading or playing hand-held games outdoors rather it involves the activities that engage the body movements and physical work out. Increasing outdoor activities time is the most simple and cost-effective natural method to ensure good vision and correct the eye disorder. Researchers found that each additional hour spent outdoors during the week decreased the risk of developing myopia by 2%.

  1. Do not read when tired or sick

When we are weak, we have exhausted the energy of our entire body. Weak bodily energy weakens the entire system, especially the Liver, which is associated to the. Reading during illness or fatigue weakens the focusing eye muscles.

  1. Eye lubrication

Our eyes get dried when the tear films do not produce enough oils sufficient to lubricate our eyes and this triggers symptoms like itching, irritation and redness. Dryness is caused by exposure to excessive heat and cold.  A diet with daily supplements of 300 milligrams of Omega-3, and a misted house plants or a humidifier help moisturize eyes as well as skin.

Blink blink blink: when we blink the tear glands coat our eyes with the oil. Take a 10-second “break” of rapid blinking during close work.

  1. Stop consuming Excessive salt

Excessive consumption of salt is associated with hardening of the arteries. Hardened arteries destroy the elasticity of arteries and capillaries. When arteries lack the elasticity, it is very difficult for blood to pave its way in arteries. The diminished blood flow in arteries causes deterioration of the eyes. Use kelp or powdered vegetable seasoning instead of salt.

  1. Intoxicate your liver

Take care of your liver and your eyes will be fine. Strange but true.  There is an established connection between liver functioning and the eyesight. Any deficiencies with liver blood will detroit the vision. Anaemia prevents the flow of blood through the liver. Blood from the liver is believed to moisten and nourish the eyes. Also if the blood is impure because of toxins and impurities, the eye health will decline, and the eyes will become weak, drab, with heavy dark circles around them.

  1. Regularcheck-ups

In nutshell, we shall try doing all those things that are considered safe for the eyes, but don’t you ever forget the importance of the eye check-up for maintaining eyes health. One exam in your 20s, and two in your 30s can identify problems which may benefit from early treatment.


                                                                       9 worst eye care mistakes you’re making 

Could you be happy with the movies, and the ads, and the clothes in the stores, and the flowers and the pets? Could you be happy if you are deprived of seeing them? No one ever wants to lose its vision, but do you know, you commit eye care related mistake in advertently that can impair your vision, wonder how? Answer would be revealed in your daily routine only-

When you get up in morning

Before leaving home when you give your eyes a lift with those favorite volumising liquid eyeliners of yours, you are damaging your eyes, applicator tip sits in a tube that can Barbour bacteria and when it contacts eye, it contracts diseases. Eyeliner pencils are relatively safer. Later when you step out in sun don’t forget to wear sunglasses thinking it’s just a fashion statement or is required only in summer. But that’s a biggest mistake; do you think sun does not emit UV rays in winter?  Wearing sunglasses in winter is equally important.

During Day

You are glued to your PC entire day; staring at the screen. You think it’s wise? No, they cause eye strain and headaches, Doctors say. It makes sense to take breaks in between the work, blink your eyelashes, massage your strained eyes at intervals, exercise the muscles around your eyes, this can be done while sitting in chair also. Gently massage is acceptable but rubbing eyes harshly can lead to broken blood vessels and inflammation. So next time whenever you are promoted to rub your eyes due to itching and poking in your eyes, just close your lids and touch only outside of your eyes. Don’t rub open eyed.

When you are off to bed

If you are under impression that some types of contact lenses are safe and are designed safe for sleeping purpose also, you are highly mistaking. American Academy of Ophthalmology revealed that the risk of developing a corneal ulcer is 10 to 15 times greater in people who do not remove contacts before sleep. Remove your lenses and protect your cornea. Cornea can also be damaged by any makeup strain left on your eyes, or by glue used for false eyelashes that sits on lashes entire night. Just remember to take all off because this may lead to irritated skin, pimples and raised bumps on or around the eyelids.

Other eye care mistakes

  • Not getting regular annual eye exams for many years thinking that your vision was 20/20 the last time you checked can impair your vision because majority of eye disorders begins exhibiting the symptoms after a very long period once the actual damage of eyewash happened.
  • Give attention to expired solution and drops.
  • Don’t rinse your contact case or store contacts in any liquid that’s not sterile, like tap or distilled water.
  • Don’t rely on redness-reducing drops too much and visit to your eye doctor in case of continued redness and itching.

Make your vision better

In order to promote better vision you can use Ayurveda eyelashes. Maintain natural moisture of your eyes. To top of all have a balanced diet and take a better sleep.