Putting eye makeup is easy, but caring for eyes and lashes is another crucial factor, as they both require proper hygiene and utmost care. The best way to clean eyes and lash hairs is washing them with a baby shampoo.

It’s an obvious fact that almost everyone loves eyelashes and could never live without them. But, some are scared of making them wet because of the fear of falling out. There is a myth associated with lashes, i.e. eye lash is fragile and it is also unable to stand the tension caused to the lashes cleansing, swimming exercises and hot yoga sessions. In the meanwhile, eyelashes are that beautiful part of the body that never requires you to alter your daily routine.

However, in the wake of attaining the desires and fulfilling the needs, we ignore caring our eyes and lashes, both. When in a hurry, we give a hand to soaps and different kinds of face washes to clean our face. No matter how much the labels shout that they are good for the eyes, but the truth is the on otherside of the coin. Apart from the products we use for our eyes, various un-hygienic activities trigger eye infections.

Unhygienic patterns that lead to eye infections:

Our day to day activities sometimes makes us prone to different health issues including some eye problems. Some of the eye infections are due to our unhygienic patterns, for example, the pink eye (conjunctivitis) and blepharitis. These conditions occur due to the following reasons:

  • Rubbing our eyes while working on computers, as doing it may introduce bacteria
  • Sharing contact lenses
  • Using makeup of others
  • Touching unwashed hands on the eyes
  • Not removing makeup before going to bed

These eye infections sometimes get treated on their own. You can also get rid of these eye infections through certain ointments and medical prescriptions. There are also various home remedies that prove to be effective in alleviating these conditions.


But, the main issue is the ignorance prevailing around the ways to clean the eyes when the infection has taken over. We can’t use soap and face washes, as these will irritate the eyes and also trigger the infections. According to researches, for cleaning the eyes and lashes we should prefer a baby shampoo. This product not only helps in cleaning and washing the eyes, it but also eliminates the chances of irritation.

Baby shampoo for eye wash:

Doctors recommend eyelid scrubs like a baby shampoo for various eye conditions to help manage the eye issues and irritation. Baby shampoos are prescribed for chronic eye conditions, so getting in the routine of daily cleaning your eyelids are necessary to control the problem. After implementing or following the prescribed notifications, you’ll find that over time it does improve your condition. Below are various methods of using baby shampoo for eye infections:

  • Purchase eyelid scrub pads or eyelid foams from your local drug store. Now, follow the instructions of your doctor to clean your eyelids.
  • You need to wash your hands before moistening a hand towel or washcloth with hot water. Now, place the cloth over the affected eye for a few minutes.
  • Make a mixture of warm water and baby shampoo
  • With the help of cotton swabs, you can incorporate the shampoo
  • Now, dampen a cotton ball in the soapy water and gently hold down your lower eyelid. You need to wash your lower eyelid carefully with the cotton ball for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Take the cotton swab dipped in soapy water and put it on the eyelashes and the upper eyelid base to remove any loosened or remaining scale and debris.
  • Repeat the same process in the other eye to clean it
  • Once finished, discard all the cotton balls, swabs and soapy water

Baby shampoo for pink eye:

One of these best and easiest ways to prevent pink eye is to keep it safe from unhygienic habits. You can wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes. Additionally, you should also avoid sharing towels, washcloths or eye makeup. You may also be advised to keep away from the triggering factors. However, there is another cheap option to get rid of pink eye is using a baby shampoo. You can use the baby shampoo for cleaning an infected pink eye or a normal eye regularly for prevention from infection by following the steps mentioned above.