Intrinsic and appealing eyelashes are a dream for every woman, as these enhance their overall beauty and make them confident. Here you will find numerous tips to grow eyelashes.

Woman’s beauty is incomplete without an eye makeup, as it is the vital part of the overall makeup. Giving a finishing touch to the eyelashes before heading for a party or a meeting will provide a glamorous look to the personality. But, a fact is that every woman is not so lucky to have those fluttering eyelashes.

Irrespective of your eye color or shape, long eyelashes add an intrinsic beauty to your personality. Numerous options are available to get those gaudy eyelashes like beauty queens, which you can wear without much fuss. These are natural-looking false eyelashes that can be availed from various cosmetic stores. Below are useful tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing falsies:

  • If you want natural looking falsies, then opt for human hair lashes over synthetic ones
  • Prefer lashes that are similar to your natural eye shape and color
  • Watch width and weight of the eyelash, as a thin lash strip is light in weight and comfortable as compared to the thicker one.
  • For applying them follow the directions mentioned on the label

By following these tips, you can get those fluttering eyelashes as your favorite celebrities. Applying falsies requires patience, but the after result is much more satisfactory. So, to have those gaudy natural eyelashes opt for natural options, as these may be with you, forever.

How to grow eyelashes naturally?

Eyelashes not only frame the eyes, but these also make eyes look even more beautiful and attractive. There are a plenty of options available for women to get those long and shiny eyelashes. Why go for the fake ones when you have the natural options to grow them bigger and brighter. Some of the helpful tips to grow eyelashes are as follows:

  • Remove makeup before concluding the day- Make sure to remove all the makeup from your face and eye before going to bed. Because makeup clogs the skin around the eyes which is very fragile, so removing it at night gives a rest to the lashes.
  • Aloe Vera– One of the best natural alternatives to grow eyelashes is Aloe Vera. This home remedy not only nourishes the eyelashes but also helps in making them grow. To get those noticeable eyelashes apply some fresh Aloe Vera gel to your lashes before going to bed. Moreover, the vitamins and nutrients in Aloe Vera will improve the growth of eyelashes and also make them stronger.
  • Castor oil works for you- Castor oil has been in use since ages for numerous purposes including skin and hair growth. This nature’s gift makes the eyelashes thicker, stronger and makes them grow faster naturally. To make use of castor oil applies it to your lashes and eyebrows with a brush when you go to bed.
  • Eat a rich and healthy diet– You may have heard of eating a plenty of fruits and veggies to improve overall health. But, a diet rich in both fruits and vegetables are helpful in enhancing and nourishing the eyelashes.
  • Use petroleum jelly– As per the studies, petroleum jelly helps growing eyelashes faster and also improves their length. To get the desired results, apply petroleum jelly to the lashes at night.
  • Massage your eyelids– Gently massaging your eyelids can stimulate the hair follicles and also improves the blood circulation in the area. You can also find your eyelashes growing if massage is done appropriately.
  • Green tea- Whether sipping it or applying it, green tea is overall effective. Green tea not only improves the body’s stimulation but also makes the eyelashes thicker from the roots and also adds shine to them. To apply green tea for eyelashes growth you need to make a cup of it and then dip a small cotton ball in it. Now, apply the cotton balls gently on your upper eyelids. After few weeks of using green tea, you will see a huge difference.
  •  You can also grow your eye lashes with  careprost , it will give would give you longer eyelashes in very short time