Eyes are the most important part of human face. It is considered as the most attractive facial feature. Long and curly eyelashes enhance the beauty of eyes. Aside from this, long eye lashes act as a protective barrier and keep dust and debris away from the eyes. Every woman has a desire of long and curly eyelashes but not everyone is blessed with it. These days, getting luscious eyelashes is not a big deal as various alternatives have been designed that helps in longer eyelashes. Eyelash curlier, false eyelashes are few options that enhance the eyelashes. Eyelashes need proper care and attention as your other body part.


Easy steps to maintain healthy eyelashes

It is very important to maintain healthy eyelashes to maintain their desired length and shape. Few are some tips that really help you to make your eyelashes grow darker and healthier:

  • Moisturise them regularly by applying healthy oils and creams. Application of healthy oil and gels regularly on the eyelashes keeps them well hydrated.
  • Excellent quality mascara can do wonders for eyelashes as it never let them dry. It helps in improving your eyelashes without damaging them. Always brush the eyelashes upwards and apply the mascara at the base of lashes. Prefer waterproof mascara and it is easily removable from eyes.
  • Make them curly by using a good quality curlier. Heat the curlier properly before using it and keeps your lashes dry. Hold the curlier at the tip of lashes for a while which will make the lashes curl by themselves.
  • Avoid rubbing of eyes as this is one of the main reason of short and thin eyelashes. In case of any sort of irritation, gently wash your eyes with water and allow them to dry.
  • Always remove the makeup before going to bed. Use good quality eye makeup removal and don’t scrub it remove gently.

Medicinal intervention for healthy long eyelashes

By taking care of few things one can easily have voluminous eyelashes, apart from this medicine is also available that makes the eyelashes larger. Careprost is a wonder drug formulated for the topical application only. Careprost contains Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue which stimulates the growth of eyelashes which makes them long and thick. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient that stimulates the lash growth by prolonging the Anagen phase and accelerates transition from telogen to Anagen phase. When applied religiously, can drastically increase your lash length and makes you more beautiful. One drop of Careprost applied to a single use per eye applicator.  Apply daily to upper eyelid margin at the eyelash base. Careprost is a cost effective and safest way to get longer and curlier eyelashes.