Mothers are so busy in handling the kids and the household things that they rarely get any free time to pamper themselves, but don’t worry you lovely ladies over there. Be your own saviour. You should remember one thing that no matter how busy you are you deserve to look beautiful all the time.

There are various quick and easy to maintain eye makeup tips for the mothers to look fresh and beautiful all day long. Follow the tips given and bring the best out of you. You should never think that if you are a stay-at-home mother, then you need not to look beautiful because you are staying indoors, but you should take it as an advantage to pamper your body.

The tips of eye makeup given below will prove beneficial to the working mothers also to help them get ready in quick time.

Follow the steps:

  1. Wash your face:

Start your eye makeup regimen by going for a thorough face wash to remove all the remains of eye makeup and make your face dirt and oil free. It will only take a minute to give a good face cleaning, and your skin will be ever thankful to you for this.

  1. Moisturise your face:

Now put on a moisturiser on your face to smooth the pores and hydrate the skin. Even if you have an oily skin miniaturization is very necessary otherwise it will result in even more prominent oil production.

Moisturising your face daily will help in prevention of wrinkles and delay any signs of ageing process.

  1. Apply a concealer :

Use a liquid concealer matching the skin tone colour and apply under the eyes area and around the eyes where you find the dark circles. Do not apply on the eye lids. Use a concealer brush to blend in the concealer with your skin tone.

Choose the best concealer matching to your skin tone by first trying it on the inner wrist area and pick the one that is able to hide your veins properly.

  1. Apply the primer on your eyelids:

Apply a primer on your eyelids. A primer is a very important product, never miss it, it provides a base for your eye makeup to stick upon. It provides a crease less eye makeup.

  1. Curl your eyelashes:

Curling the eyelashes with a curler help to give the eyelashes a perfect shape and length. You can curl your lashes with the help of an eyelash curler and then follow with a nice stroke of mascara.

Mascara helps to thicken the eyelashes and give an illusion of thickness and length. Use a good quality mascara.

  1. Apply eyeliner and kohl:

Eyeliner is a very versatile product that can help you to achieve a dramatic as well as a subtle look with the same product. You should opt for a subtle look and keep the smokey eye look for parties etc.

  • Apply kohl on th elower waterline of eyes , then apply eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines.
  • Apply a thin stroke of eye liner on the lower and the upper lash line , followed by a mini winged eye liner on the upper eye lashes.
  • Never go to broad while drawing eyeliners as it will be difficult to handle between doing all the day chores.

Here you are done! It is the simplest and the most basic eye makeup routine, suitable for several busy moms who find it difficult to keep up their eyemakeup through their busy schedule. Don’t go for dark lip colours, a subtle or nude shade or a gloss is enough to complete the look of the face. this etye makeup routine is very easy and would atke less than five minutes to complete. You can order careprost online for grow eyelashes longer in very short time.