We all know that having long and thick eyelashes can spruce up the look of a face instantly. These long eyelashes provide a glamorous look; hence women keel over various eyelash enhancing products. They spend a huge amount of money and efforts to get their desired eyelashes.  So, undoubtedly eyelashes are the most striking feature of an eye.

Read out the following ways by which you can get longer lashes without spending much on eyelash extensions and products.

  1. Keep them healthy

As we take care of our hair to keep them long and strong; we need to keep our eyelashes healthy too so as to maintain the length and accelerate the growth also. It is not that hard, and you can do that whenever you get time. You can use facial wipes to remove any dust particles from your eyelids after coming from outdoors. You should keep your eyelashes clean so that they can grow softer and shinier.

  1. Remove makeup every night before bed

Every night before hitting your bed, you shouldn’t forget to remove all the makeup from face and eye including kohl and eyeliner or extensions. Removing the eye-makeup provide your eyelash a rest period. In case you sleep with your eyelashes on then after few days, you may find the chemicals used in the mascara or liner harming your eyes or may witness the eyelashes falling off.

  1. Never pull your eyelashes

While washing off your makeup, don’t be very harsh. Be slow in your hand movements while cleaning your eyelashes and be sure you do not rip off your lash hairs. Pulling eyelashes rips the lashes from the roots and stunts the growth of the lashes.

  1. Eat healthily

You should improve your diet to accelerate the eyelash growth. With proper nutrition and care, the lash hair will regain their vitality and will  grow long. A healthy nutritious diet may include most of the fruits and food items containing antioxidants like guavas, apples, green vegetables fish meat and eggs. They also contain a good amount of protein required for the nutrition of hairs.

  1. Brush your eyelashes

It is one of the simplest yet often ignored methods of eyelash care. Brushing you eyelashes with very fine hair comb can improve the growth of the lashes. It is thus suggested to comb your lashes with the special lash comb before applying any mascara or makeup. This helps to keep the lashes longer and healthier.

  1. Massage eyelids

Daily makeup and dust can cause a huge damage to the eyelashes. The eyelashes may become thinner, harsh and brittle, too easy to break off. In order to bring back life to your lashes, you need to improve the blood circulation in the area. For this purpose, a smooth eyelid massage would be enough. Eyelid massage with any of the oils containing vitamin E specially can improve the blood circulation in the area and hence improve the thickness of lash hairs.

  1. Use petroleum jelly

Never knew that the humble Vaseline on your makeup desk can be used for the purpose of eyelash growth. But this is true! Vaseline is a quick and easy accessible eyelash growth product. You can just swap a thin layer of Vaseline on your upper eyelashes every night before going to bed. It will not only help in improving the growth of the lashes but also will nourish them and make them longer, softer and shinier.

  1. Egg whites plus castor oil combo

Although it sounds weird and yuck! Still it is one of the best methods to get longer eyelashes. For this, you have to mix the two to make a paste. Then dip a q-tip or cotton ball into the mixture and apply softly on the upper eyelids. Sleep with the paste on your eyelids and allow the mixture to spread its magic. Within few weeks, you can find the noticeable change in the length of the eyelashes, and you no longer have to worry about the thinness of the lashes.

  1. Vitamin-E or olive oil

Vitamin E is good for hairs, and olive oil has ample of vitamin E. Olive oil if applied on lashes every day can help them grow stronger and longer. It is one of the best-known home remedies of eyelash growth.

  1. Green tea

Including green tea in the list of eyelash growth promoting methods may raise some eyebrows. But it is true! Freshly prepared green tea solution improves the eyelash growth, make them thicker from the roots and add shine to the lashes.

Always remember to make a fresh cup of the green tea then take a small cotton ball, dip it into the tea and apply gently on the upper eyelids.it will help to promote the growth of eyelashes.


Hence it might be concluded that eyelashes are an important aspect of our beauty. So, to keep them attractive one must take good care of his/her eyelashes just as we take care of our hair. Using the above mention quick ideas you can definitely get longer, thicker and more beautiful eyelashes.