Perfectly groomed eyebrows can do wonders to your face and can also enhance your overall appearance. Here are a few eyebrow maintenance tips that will help you look gorgeous.

Eyebrows can change the way your entire face looks. These possess the capability to enrich your bold looks. The perfectly shaped eyebrows not only enhance the overall appearance, but they also pull your look together in a snap. However, only a few have a naturally perfect brow. Same as hair colour and its length, eyebrows too, require upkeep.

Eyebrow maintenance tips:

Maintenance of the eyebrows can be an annoying task, but it’s also worth it because when the brows look fantastic, you can be minimal with the makeup, as the perfect eyebrows can alone make a strong statement. No matter how your eyebrows look, thin or thick, the tips to maintain the eyelashes are going to help you. Here are some of the useful eyebrow maintenance tips you should follow to upgrade your looks:

  • Visit a professional-You can groom your eyebrows yourself, but a professional will give them a Midas touch. Visiting a professional is like an icing on the cake because the expert knows how to deal with the situation. It all starts with lying on your back. Now, he/she will easily and evenly shape your brows, keeping your face shape in mind.
  • Upkeep at home- After paying a visit to the professional, your next step should be to keep up the eyebrows at home. You can easily maintain the shape of your eyebrows perfect at home when the stragglers start coming in. Moreover, make sure to take a minute each night before going to bed to tease out the ones that grow back quickly.
  • Purchase a nice pair of tweezers- Tweezing is also a part of the home upkeep. To upkeep, your eyebrows go for a quality pair of tweezers, as cheap ones are notorious for breaking the hair instead of pulling it out. However, optimum quality tweezers prove to be handy, as these won’t break your hair.
  • Avoid making your brows too thin or too bold- You should always keep your face shape in mind when getting your eyebrows groomed. Because too thin or too bold brows can make your face look large or small, so shape them accordingly
  • Brush your brows nicely- After waking up in the morning, brush your eyebrows with a thin tooth soft comb into place. Additionally, you can also brush gently before you step out of your house. Moreover, you can also spray a little Hairspray on your brows to keep them intact for a longer duration.
  • Fill them in- Filling the scanty eyebrows can be tricky. But, you can fill them by using pencil eyeliner in brown or black in colour. Fill them as per your need because these will enhance your eyes. Make sure to apply a little mineral compact powder around the eye area with the help of a makeup brush.
  • Highlight them- Highlighting just under the arch of your eyes will accentuate the brow line. Doing this will make you look young, and your eyes look big.


If tweezing looks monotonous, you can opt for eyebrow waxing, as it may be the fast and long-lasting option. Waxing can help to keep the shape of eyebrows for up to six weeks. Below are some handy eyebrow waxing tips you should follow:

At-home waxing- As per the experts, waxing is the best way to go and is all about creating a look. They also recommend using small size wax strips, as these make them perfect for shaping arches and reaching tiny hairs. Follow the below-mentioned waxing tips:

  • Before you begin, be sure that the hair is at least 1/8-inch long, so that the wax has enough length to grip
  • Start from the bottom of your brow
  • Now, press the strips in the direction of the hair growth and pull the strip off in the opposite direction
  • While removing the strip, pull it back in one quick movement because the faster the strip is removed, the better the results.
  • Make sure that you won’t peel or pull the strip slowly