An eyelash curler is an effective tool that provides an instant lash-lift. To feel more attractive and confident, various women use eyelash curlers. There are a plenty of eyelash curlers that you can choose from.

Detailing an eyelash curler:

Eyelashes frame the eyes and also enhance the overall appearance. Women use an eyelash curler to highlight those gaudy eyelashes, as these are the focal point of the face. Perfect and curlier eyelashes boost the self-esteem and confidence of a woman.

An eyelash curler can be a mechanical (conventional) or heated device used to curl the eyelashes. But, choosing the best one for those luscious lashes requires a detailed knowledge. Here you will get an insight of eyelash curlers that suit your needs.

Eye curler options:

Numerous options of lash curlers are available in the market from where you can choose. Hunting for an efficient and reliable eyelash curler may be a tricky case, as hundreds of brands persist in the market, and their prices and designs may also vary. Below are various eyelash curler options through which you can find the best one. These are as follows:

Mechanical Eyelash curlers:

Eyelash curlers define the lashes, and this conventional one is a hand-operated, clamp-like device. As per the studies, various women prefer using mechanical eyelash curlers because of their everyday usage. Some of the pros and cons of this type are as follows:

Pros of using conventional eyelash curlers:

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive, as compared to their electric counterparts
  • Hand operated and also doesn’t use electricity to heat up
  • Soft rubber pads positioned between the clamping mechanism that provide cushioning and protection to the lashes.
  • Even new bees can use this type

Cons of mechanical eyelash curlers:

  • Various reports have suggested the use of mechanical eyelash curlers can damage the lashes, leaving them broken or distorted.


  • Regular usage can permanently stunt the growth of eyelashes
  • These can’t be used on top of mascara
  • Sometimes the skin can also easily get caught in the clamping device, resulting in pain or pinching on the eyelid

Heated eyelash curlers:

According to the experts, an eyelash curler is an optimum product if it should curl your lashes, and set them that way for an entire evening. Moreover, it should also accommodate all shapes of eyes. Giving curlier shape to the eyelashes is a simple process and women want their lashes like a scoop. When you have the option of a heated curler, then you may end up getting the desired result for the rest of the evening. But, heating the lashes may require attention. Below are some of the pros and cons of heated eyelash curlers:

Pros of heated eyelash curlers:

  • Even the hardest of lash can be tamed with the warmth of a heated eyelash curler
  • Can be used on both fake and natural eyelashes
  • Similar to curling irons for hair, this type extends the life of the curl
  • Provides a finished look
  • Heated curlers can be used on top of a mascara to smooth and soften the look for a perfect application

Cons of heated eyelash curlers:

  • These require batteries to function and also need maintenance in terms of replacement of batteries time to time for smooth functioning
  • Heated eyelash curlers may cause severe burns to eyelid as these curlers get enough hot
  • Beginners may find difficulty in using these heated devices as compared to the conventional ones

Tips for choosing the best one:

Choosing the best one depends on the user, its just a personal choice. You must opt for a model that gently curls your lashes without damaging them because all curlers do not lend a natural and attractive curl to the lashes. In case you purchase a menial one it might create an unsightly crimp in the lashes and may cause more harm than good. So, choose your eyelash curler wisely as your eyelash hair is as important as you scalp hair.

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