Bimatoprost ophthalmic is a prescription medication licensed for the treatment of elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). It also helps in improving the appearance of eyelashes by making them grow longer and fuller.

Bimatoprost works similarly as naturally found substance prostaglandins in the body. The synthetic substance is mainly helpful in lowering IOP and is also known to promote eyelash growth. The exact mechanism of action is still not understood. However, the active pharmaceutical ingredient is believed to alleviate the outward movement of aqueous humour in patients with glaucoma. The drug is equally effective in activating the growth of eyelashes in people suffering from hypotrichosis (inadequate or sparse eyelashes). The medication is available for use in the UK under the brand name Careprost, and Bimat eye drops for enhancing the growth of eyelashes. People prefer to buy Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution online to promote eyelash growth and lower IOP in cases of glaucoma.

What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost is a common prescription medication for glaucoma. The solution that comes in the form of eye drops is mainly a prostamide analogue. Here it is important to note that Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% does not cure glaucoma or ocular hypertension, but is used to control them. In most cases, it is recommended to use the eye drops even when you feel better. Do not discontinue the treatment without consulting an ophthalmologist. You can buy Bimatoprost eye drops online from your favourite website. The raised pressure inside the eye can cause permanent loss of eyesight and if remain untreated called glaucoma. The eye disorder is quite complicated as it damages the optic nerves that are connected with the brain and it happened because of increased eye pressure. A permanent cure for glaucoma is not possible, but early treatment with Bimatoprost containing eye drops can stop the disease progression and preserve your vision. When it comes to treating glaucoma, Bimatoprost works by maintaining the normal pressure within the eye. Once the fluid within the eye is regulated, then the eye condition is managed.

Bimatoprost for long & luscious eyelashes

Bimatoprost is the most demanded eye care ingredient when it comes to growing longer and denser eyelashes. Its action over the less dense eyelashes is remarkable. It has the capacity to improve your natural eyelashes longer, denser, and thicker. The medication is believed to act on the growth phase of the eyelash hair follicle cycle. The ophthalmic solution has been developed after intensive research and is safe to use over your delicate strands. Buy Bimatoprost online in the UK and use as per instructions to get beautiful and fuller eyelashes. You can easily buy Careprost or Bimat online at with absolutely no hassle.

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