Beautiful and long eyelashes like that of a movie star directly enhance the appearance of an individual. People having long lashes are considered youthful and attractive. But if you are among those people who are not blessed with natural long lashes then don’t be disheartened. You are not alone! There are many people who are facing the same disappointment.

However, thanks to this era of high-end fashion and technology, the market is loaded with several eyelash growth serum and products. This guide will help you to get an idea of the best eyelash growth serums available in the market and their exclusive features:


It is the best choice for those with Hypotrichosis condition(little/no eyelashes). It is a generic drug. The active ingredient of Careprost is Bimatoprost ophthalmic 0.03% w/v per 3ml bottle. This product makes the eyelashes grow thicker and also make the eyelashes healthier and softer. Careprost eyelash enhancer serum works to regain the lost lash hairs and make them darker too. The major feature of this product is its effectiveness. In many reviews and clinical tests, this product has shown 100% effectiveness in increasing the length of eyelashes.

You can apply this serum on the upper lash line once nightly before going to bed. Doing this for 2-3 weeks will result in visible differences in the lash thickness and growth. For full and maximum results, you have to wait for three month. To maintain the desired lash length, you can keep on applying the serum thrice in a week. It is an amazing product with very few or no side effects.

Careprost comes in a user-friendly packaging with a free applicator or brushes. This product gains the tops spot on our list because it’s cheaper than its other competitors. On the site mentioned above, it cost around $32 (including shipping charges)

In case you are trying to achieve naturally thick and long eyelashes, then you must opt for the best eyelash growth serums rather than opting for extensions and mascara. As false lashes and chemicals are dangerous and may lead to loss of lash hairs. So, be wise with your choice and choose the best eyelash growth serums.