Careprost is one of the best products available for the getting longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. This product is not cosmetic; it is an eyelash enhancer pharmaceutical ingredient. Careprost: A miraculous drug for charismatic longer eyelashes

Careprost is a successful version of the eye glaucoma ophthalmic solution, Bimatoprost ophthalmic. This active ingredient is approved by the FDA for the treatment of glaucoma. Since the product was effectively sorting the problems of glaucoma cases, researchers and doctor found that Careprost was also promoting the growth of the lash hairs in the patients who were using the product to treat glaucoma.

Now the questions arise that is Careprost, a safe and effective product to improve your eyelash growth and make the eyelashes lusher.

The way Careprost works:

For those who haven’t heard of Careprost  Bimatoprost Ophthalmic, it is a prostaglandin analogue that is used for the treatment of Glaucoma. The working and functioning of Careprost are yet to be completely understood, still, the scientists believe that the major work done by the Careprost is that it extends the growth phase and increases the number of hairs that sprouts.

Buy Careprost to have wonderful eyelash enhancement. Careprost eyelashes growth serum is now very popular among the ladies as it is very competent on the job and has very negligible side effects like iris discolouration.

Steps to apply Careprost Properly:

The best ways to use Careprost is described as follows:

  1. Before application wash your hands and face to remove any dirt and makeup remains
  2. Remove contact lenses if any
  3. Dab the Careprost solution on the upper eyelid lash line using a sterile applicator brush
  4. Do the same with the other eye
  5. Do not apply on the lower lash line
  6. apply the product once in a day preferably before bedtime

Getting fuller eyelashes with Careprost:

After three to four month of continuous use of Careprost, you could see the difference. Use the Careprost regularly even after getting your desired eyelash length to maintain it.  Various studies show that when Bimatoprost is regularly used for four months in a proper way then the following results are achieved:

  • 16% growth in the eyelash length
  • The thickness of eyelashes increased by 106%
  • The darkness of eyelashes increased by 18%
  1. Careprost is easily available:

Careprost product is easily available online. You can buy Careprost online from Here Careprost is available at the very affordable price, and you can easily get this product shipped to your place. The site also keeps on providing offers and discounts from time to time, so you can avail the benefits of such offers also.

  1. Careprost is a cheaper generic of various branded eyelash enhancers

Most of the brands selling Bimatoprost as an eyelash enhancer serums are very costly, but Careprost is a cheaper generic version of those branded products. You can buy Careprost (3ml) at effective and cheaper rate on You can avail the product at discounts by ordering in the bulk of 6 units.

  1. Careprost is cost-effective

Each bottle of Careprost contains 3ml of the product. This 3ml solution is enough to last for about 25-30 days for a beginner while careful application without loss can last the product for up to 45 days. It is up to the usage of the person.

  1. Careprost shows quick results:

Careprost is one of those products that start showing it’s positive results within a few weeks of use. If you will wait patiently for up to three weeks and keep on applying the product religiously every night, then you may see the results that much soon.

You can, in fact, expect small lash hair, sprouting up on your eyelids in the first two weeks also.

  1. Relapse does not occur once you stop the product:

Often most of the times you may have to face a relapse of the hair growth once you stop using the product, but this is not the case with Careprost. Your hair on eyelids doesn’t horrifyingly start falling off once you stop the use, but you need to use the product twice in a week to keep on maintaining the lash thickness and length.

Careprost is a revolutionary eyelash enhancer without any dangerous side effects, so you can use this product without any worries of infection or allergic side effects.