Long and luscious eyelashes have come to be synonymous with beauty and can dramatically improve the appearance of your eyes. It is not surprising that millions of women around the world routinely seek to enhance the appearance of their eyelashes with mascara or temporary lash lengthening products that are widely available in the cosmetic shops and pharmacies.

Whenever you get ready for a candlelight dinner or a special party, you find your makeup incomplete without dark and thick eyelashes. Eyelashes play a significant role in the overall look. Every woman wants to look beautiful, and for this, they want long and dark eyelashes. Many women use mascara, false eyelashes, and other products to get that feminine look. But it is important to note that these are not effective methods. Eyelashes can be enhanced with the help of medications. Regular use of Careprost eye drops will provide you natural long, dark, and thick eyelashes.

Careprost for fuller eyelashes

Careprost is a product that is available in the form of eye drops. It is a well-known medication to increase longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. The product comprises Bimatoprost as the active constituent, which is clinically approved to promote eyelash growth. Regular use of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution helps to make your eyelashes more noticeable by causing them to grow longer and darker. Generic Bimatoprost is also used for the management of ocular hypertension and glaucoma. The product is safe and effective to make your eyelashes grow into fuller. The liquid preparation is meant to be applied to the upper lash line every day, and in a few weeks, you will find your eyelashes will be noticeably longer, thicker, and darker.

The active constituent- Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost increases the growth period, which makes your eyelashes grow for a longer time and you get more extension. The ophthalmic preparation is known to stimulate the hair follicles and increase the number of hairs on the lash line that grow during the growth period of a hair cycle. This makes you get more lashes. You must have patience while applying the eye drops as the growth takes time, and you can expect the results in a few weeks of application to become visible, but it is worth the daily regimen for beautiful lashes. With Careprost (Bimatoprost) you can have a look you always wished for your eyelashes.

Intensify your lash line with Careprost

Careprost is a unique medication recommended for the management of hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes). By using this ophthalmic solution, one can get long thick and dark eyelashes that may help ladies to become more beautiful and attractive. Besides, this, the active ingredient Bimatoprost can also be proposed for the management of glaucoma. The active constituent is a prostaglandin analogue, which demonstrates its activity by encouraging the development of the eyelashes by increasing the resting phase of hair growth cycle and trimming the resting phase of hair growth cycle.

Fulfill the desire of lavishing Eyelashes with Careprost Eye drops

Get fuller eyelashes with Careprost and feel confident without mascara. Before applying the eye drops, it is recommended to wash your hands and face to remove dirt. Also remove your lenses, if wear. The eye drops come with an applicator brush; you need to put one drop of the ophthalmic solution on the applicator and apply it on the upper lash line, avoiding the lower lash line. You need to be persistent with the use of eye drops to achieve the maximum results. It takes around 8 to 12 weeks to begin getting the length and density. It should be ideally used at night before going to sleep.

Possible side effects

The eye drops cause some disagreeable impacts, for example, changes in the vision, hazy vision, headache, itchy eyes, burning sensation, dizziness, darkening of the eyelashes, and sensitivity to light. If you are advised to use another eye preparation for your medical condition, it is advised to keep a gap of 5 to 10 minutes between the eye preparations. Consult an ophthalmologist if severe inflammation and irritation in the eye are reported.