It is completely undeniable that long and thick eyelashes can improve the beauty of eyes to a great extent. Having beautiful eyelashes make the eyes look beautiful too. A lot of people spend a lot of money to look beautiful and attractive. The most common thing on which a woman spends money for the beautification of eyes are the fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

The quest of women to look beautiful has attracted the women to decorate their eyes and make them stand out. But those women who are devoid of the magically long eyelashes often find it difficult to get that aesthetically appealing look. So, women are drawn towards using false eyelashes to give their eyes that much missing oomph!

Women often choose this method to get longer and thicker eyelashes, as it is easier and cheaper option than others available on the market. But have you ever thought of the ill effects of these fake eyelashes? If not, then here is a brief of the harms that eyelash extensions can do to your eyes:

  1. Allergic reactions and eyelashes:

The eyelash extensions or the fake eyelashes are attached to the eyelids using special adhesives. The adhesives may cause adverse reactions in the skin and eyes. The adhesives may react adversely with the skin causing the eyelids to swell or may also bring the irritation to the eyes. Sometimes redness can also occur inside the eye.

It is the most common side effect of the fake eyelashes.  In case you are suffering or facing any itching or irritation while using fake eyelashes, then you might be allergic to the product. However, you can go for a patch test to identify whether your skin is acting negatively to the false eyelashes or the adhesives used.

  1. Hygienic problems:

Hygiene problem is one of the biggest risks associated with using false eyelashes. False eyelashes trap dirt and bacteria causing a great damage to the eyes. Natural eyelashes are designed in such a way that they act as a barrier between the outer atmosphere and our eyes. Keeping all the dust and foreign particles away from our eyes, Bu if you buy poor quality and cheaper eyelash extensions then you might end up causing irritation to your eyes.

It is thus very important to use high-quality products and in the case of any confusion you can ask a reputable makeup professional who will tell you about the best options for the false eyelashes available in the market. One should always avoid using low-quality products as they will cause irritation and infections. In extreme cases, the infection due to fake eyelashes may result in blindness.

  1. Damage the natural eyelashes:

It is yet another side effect of using false eyelashes. The false eyelashes are required to be attached to the upper eyelid using special adhesives. The procedure to attach false eyelashes above the normal eyelashes may require some time to attain perfection, but if the false eyelashes are improperly attached to the eyelids, then it may cause damage to the natural eyelashes. The excess of traction on your eyelashes can cause alopecia due to pulling off the natural eyelashes and the eyelash follicles.

The false eyelashes may put some extra pressure on the eyelids and this extra pressure may disturb the hair follicles and may stop or halt the eyelash growth either temporarily or permanently.

There are a large number of eyelash enhancing tools and accessories available on the market. While the fake eyelashes look fanciful and your eyes look dramatic after the application of fake eyelashes, but you should always be aware that the fake eyelashes can cause trouble to your eyes.

If you desperately require putting on false eyelashes, then you should go only for the certified aesthetician and see that they are using properly sterilized tools and hand washing technique.You should also be aware of the ingredients that are used in the adhesive glue, check if they are using skin friendly ingredient based adhesives.

Rather than going for false eyelashes you can opt for prescription based eyelash growth serums like Careprost. It is medically proven to provide the eyelash hair follicles the required nutrients and thus improve the thickness and length of natural eyelashes with minimum side effects.

Eyes and eyelashes are as beautiful and important as any other part of our body. Do not use any harmful things on your eyes as they can put your vision at risk. Careful choose the eye care products and cosmetics and invest in wise options.