You can heal numerous health conditions, including different eye issues like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia, Cataract, Glaucoma etc. with the help of acupressure.  Here is a detailed description of various acupressure points for eyes to improve their health.

Detailing acupressure:

Acupressure itself is a science. It is an ancient therapy that has been used to treat and cure numerous diseases. According to the experts, acupressure revolves around ‘meridians’ through which energy flows and when any obstruction occurs, it leads to ailments in the body. However, it is thought that acupressure helps in alleviating the ailments and also reshuffles the accumulated energy.

Acupressure is also known to improve the eyesight and reduce different illnesses related to the eyes. The eyes are an extremely delicate part of our body, and any illness to them not only affects our everyday life but also reduces the work efficiency. However, as per the ancient Chinese beliefs, the eye has a close connection with various body parts including the liver, neck and toes. It has also been stated in researches that some acupressure points on the body are indirectly connected to the eye and accessing them will be of the best benefits. Below are some of the most effective acupressure points for eye health.

Best acupressure points for eyes:

For better vision and improving eye health, there are numerous acupressure points on the body. By focusing on the most active areas related to the eyes, acupressure heals different problems, including eye pain, strain and eye bags. Making use of fingertips for massaging or Shiatsu (Japanese for ‘pressuring by finger’) is also effective and can be practiced more quickly. Here are different acupressure points for eyes:

  • Nostril points- For better vision it has been stated that nostril points are helpful. These are situated near your nostrils on both sides. To get the effectiveness of you need to find the nostril points and apply tender pressure on them with your index fingers. Make sure you will put light pressure on both the nostril points and massage them at the same time. Doing this acupressure will help you heal nasal problems, reduce a headache, sinus congestion and improves the clarity of vision.
  • Massaging around the eyes- Massaging around the eyes covers the inner edge of the nose. This acupressure point is located beside the bridge of the nose, and you can also relax your eye muscles and also improve your vision by performing it correctly. You can get the most of it by using your index finger and thumb of one hand to put pressure on these points. Moreover, you can also use each thumb to press evenly and massage. Make sure to rub the inner edge of your eyes points for three to five minutes each day to get better results.
  • Bridge of the nose- You can reduce eyestrain by doing Acupressure Bridge of the nose points. Bridge of the nose point can be found under the eyebrows on the outer side of the eye socket. To perform this, you need to place your thumbs on both the sides of this pressure point and apply slight pressure. Doing this will help you relieve fatigue, redness and strain on the eyes.
  • Tips of thumbs (both hands) – this acupressure point will assist you to get brighter eyesight. To get the most of it, you need to sit in a relaxed position by holding your right hand with your left one. Massage the tip of your right thumb with the help of your left thumb. Applying the pressure on a thumb will heal the muscles of the neck that are connected with the eyes. You need to apply mild pressure on your thumb for better eyesight.
  • First toe point (both feet) – You can access the pressure points on both the toes of your feet just like the thumbs. Just sit in a relaxed position, and then take your one foot in your hands. Now, massage the tip of your first toe with your thumb. You should repeat the same process on another foot. Doing this acupressure will improve blood circulation in the body and also heal different eye ailments.
  • Acupressure for eye bags- Mild swelling or puffiness is like bags under the eyes, and these are common as you age. Eye bags happen because the tissues around the eyes weaken as you age, and normal fat that helps to support the eyes move into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to appear puffy. To get rid of these fluffy eye bags, numerous home remedies like cool compresses and acupressure points mentioned above can help. Moreover, for bothersome under-eye puffiness, various cosmetic treatments are also available.

After  doing acupressure exercises, you may find your vision a little blurred for a minute or two. This is not the sign of any side effect, but it is normal and a good sign that the acupressure exercises has been done with perfection.