Thicker eyelashes give an illusion of bigger and beautiful eyes. From the beginning of the socialization of mankind, those women with thicker and longer eyelashes were considered more beautiful than others. The movement of eyes defines the emotions of a woman. So, to make her eyes beautiful and to get longer eyelashes, a woman put a lot of efforts and money.

Long and healthy eyelashes are everyone’s desire. They help you to look confident and beautiful. It is like a fashion statement today to have long lashes. A huge amount of effort is put in to maintain the lashes like curling, rubbing, heating and brushing, etc. But most of the woman doesn’t know that keeping the eyelashes healthy is the best way to maintain the thickness of eyelashes.

How to get thicker and longer eyelashes?

Although eyelashes are an external part of the body, yet they perform various other functions apart from protecting the eyes. They add to the eye’s aesthetic beauty. Here, you will find out the different ways by which you can get longer eyelashes.

  1. Healthy diet:

Eat for your eyelashes. Just like the hair on your head fall due to malnutrition, your eyelashes also do the same. Having a healthy and nutritious diet is very important for the build up of hair protein keratin. Including green vegetables and drinking an adequate amount of water will help you to get an extra shine and glow to your eyelashes, and it will also enhance their growth.

You must eat green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cucumber, beans and sprouts to increase the amount of silicon in the body that promotes the hair growth.

  1. Use fake eyelash extensions:

Eyelash extensions work best for the last minute wakeups and touch ups. But for long term use they are a strict no-no. These fake eyelashes are attached to the natural lash line to get a longer eyelash effect. But these have a great negative impact on the natural lashes as these fake eyelashes cause irritation, falling of natural lashes due to too much of tugging and pulling.

  1. Apply eyeliner close to lash line:

Using eyeliner to get an illusion of longer eyelashes is a famous and simple option. For this, you have to apply dark eyeliner close to your upper lash line or you can use waterproof mascara and apply it under the eyelashes in the waterline of eyes. It gives a perfect illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes without any damage to your natural eyelashes.

  1. Using curlers to curl your lashes:

Eyelash curlers are also a good option to get darker and thicker eyelashes. Eyelash curler provides you the right curves, bends to your lash hairs. However too much of heating and curling pressure may cause damage to the eyelash. Hence, this is only suitable for short term use and not for long term usage.

  1. Use mascara:

Applying waterproof black mascara provides the eyelashes their required volume and length. They also provide the illusion of thicker eyelashes. For this, you must only rely on high-quality mascara. An inferior quality may cause clumps on eyelashes thereby putting extra pressure on the lashes and making them heavy to carry.

  1. Use oils and Vaseline:
  • Oils such as almond oil, olive oil and castor oil are great for eyelids. They nourish the roots of the lash hairs and help them regain their natural growth pattern. Applying a little bit of the oil every night before bed may help you to get your desired long lashes.
  • Vaseline is also very good moisturizer; you can directly apply Vaseline on the eyelid and let it do wonder to your lashes.
  1. Using eyelash enhancing serums:

In case you want a permanent solution for longer eyelashes and don’t want to wait long for the natural oils and food to work then serums are made for you people. The market is loaded with several eyelash products for you to choose.


One such famous product is Careprost. Careprost is Bimatoprost ophthalmic. It is available in solution form for you to apply easily. Careprost increases the length by forcing the eyelashes to grow longer and darker. It is advised to keep on using the product continuously for 12 -16 weeks for getting the best result. One can achieve the desired long and beautiful eyelashes if Careprost is applied properly. You can apply Careprost with the applicator brush each night before bed on your upper eyelash. Never apply Careprost on the lower lash line.


The entire above mentioned are great ways to get longer and thicker eyelashes. These are reliable and effective measures. However, women should emphasize on natural and more permanent methods like serums, food and oils to get longer and darker eyelashes because they don’t cause any remarkable harm to your lash line. So, choose you method correctly and remain beautiful.