Thicker and longer eyelashes enhance the beauty of a woman, but all women are not blessed to have those fluttering eyelashes. They need to opt for Careprost eyelash enhancer that is reliable and an effective product.


Long, thick, and luscious eyelashes enhance the beauty of a woman. These are the nature’s gift that beautifies the personality of a woman along with protecting the eyes. Eyelashes also act as sensors in the brain, but every woman is not blessed with long and beautiful lashes. Many reasons persist for the loss of eyelashes, these are as follows:

  • Natural eyelash loss– As the time progresses eyelashes fall out just as hair elsewhere on the body does. Various environmental factors cause eyelashes to fall. Another reason for eyelash fall is continuous vigorous rubbing of the eyes.
  • Medical condition– Treatment of cancer including chemotherapy affects the overall health and also accounts for the hair fall from all over the body. The effect of chemotherapy might be short term or long term.
  • Blepharitis– Blepharitis is a kind of inflammation of eyelids that leads to the fall of lashes. This is because of the extensive growth of bacteria on the eyelids resulting in the loss of eyelashes.
  • Chemical allergy– Women uses cosmetics to enhance the overall personality, but harsh chemicals in those put women in a troublesome situation regarding their beauty. They use mascara for making their eyelashes fluttering, but sometimes chemicals in the product do great harm to the eyelashes resulting in the loss of eyelashes.

Ways to enhance eyelashes:

Eyelashes are nature’s gift, but their growth depends on the hormonal issues and the way you take care of them. These are delicate hair that needs to be nourished with immense care. However, eyelashes drop off and regain their growth naturally to some extent, but there is nothing to worry, as there is one reliable product Careprost’ that may help you regain the lost eyelashes.


Careprost is one of the leading eyelash enhancement products with minimal side effects. It contains bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that helps in increasing the length and thickness of eyelashes. Careprost is an essential product advised by the physicians to treat reduced eyelashes or Hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough eyelashes).

Reasons for the popularity of Careprost among people:

It is its ability to provide natural growth, softness and darkness without compromising the eye health. However, longer eyelashes are every woman’s dream, and to fulfil it, she makes use of false eyelashes and mascara that might work in a certain way.

Method to use Careprost:

Careprost should be used strictly as per the doctor’s direction or as per the instructions mentioned on the label. The medication should be applied carefully because if it spreads on the face, unnatural hair growth can be seen that may be disastrous. To use Careprost, apply it on the upper lash line once before going to bed. Moreover, to get the maximum out of using Careprost, you need to apply it continuously for 12-16 weeks. Below are some of the useful steps that will help you use Careprost:

  • Wash your face, nails and hands thoroughly
  • Remove makeup from eyes and face
  • If you are a regular user of contact lenses, take them out
  • Now, pick up a thin brush as it will help you in applying the solution efficiently
  • Put the drop of Careprost on the application brush and draw a fine line of it along with the upper eyelid
  • Wipe out the excess solution with the help of a tissue or a cotton ball
  • Wash the application brush with water and keep it in a clean and dry holder

Performing the same before going to the bed for the recommended time frame will provide you with the best results. Make sure you will not skip applying the solution because breaking the chain will not produce desired results. In case you miss the regular schedule of applying Careprost, use it soon as you remember.


Careprost is a proven and effective eyelash enhancer product that provides a sense of completeness to the women. Following the tips mentioned above, you can get those fluttering eyelashes that you have dreamt. So, be careful and beautiful!