Long eyelashes are considered the sign of beauty in most of the cultures. Curled, long eyelashes can make you look more awake and vibrant. The long eyelashes not only serve an aesthetic purpose,  but they also protect the eyes from foreign debris and harmful foreign material.

Women of all ages tend to get worried when they experience eyelash thinning due to falling of eyelash hairs. Various reasons like lack of necessary nutrients in the diet, rubbing of eyes, an infection or any allergy may result in the falling of lash hairs.  Due to these eyelashes become become weaker and delicate.

Well, in case you dream of growing luscious lashes, but do not want to use any medicinal treatments like Careprost or  bimatoprost ophthalmic solution  then you can follow the below given home remedies and tips:

  • Make a mixture of oils like olive oil, almond oil and castor oil. These oils are rich in nutrients and vitamin E. Applying the mixture on lash hair will not oil moisturize them, but also will help the hairs grow faster
  • Use a petroleum jelly like Vaseline to enhance the moisture of hair roots. Apply this in the evening before bedtime
  • Lip balm will make the lashes appear curlier
  • Buy a lash comb or a an unused mascara brush to comb the lash hairs. This will keep the eyelashes clean and will prevent the breakage
  • Mixing a little egg white in the oil of your choice and then applying with the help of a Q-tip will prevent the breakage of the lash hairs
  • Always avoid getting any of the above in the eye
  • Use the correct mascara. The right mascara will provide you the right volume to your lashes. They will make the lashes more prominent and will add intensity to their natural color
  • You can opt for fake eyelashes that come with a glue like solution to help them stick over the real ones
  • Remember to remove any kind of eye make up before going to bed as that will leave a chemical deposit on the eyelashes, making their roots thinner and that can also enter your eyes as well
  • It is suggested to use the oils or jelly at night, leave them overnight and wash-off in the morning