How aging affects your Eyelashes

Everybody knows that our body parts don’t remain strong and lively forever, and with the passage of time it keeps shedding the beauty to the culmination of the life cycle. It is the same story with the eyelashes that start falling out once the body heads to the proximity of aging.

We put a lot of efforts to avoid anti-aging effects through some natural, as well as artificial means, and perhaps our focus remains on hands, cheeks, décolletage, hair on head and bone at large. On the other hand, aging eyelashes and eyebrows get minimum attention whereas they are fairly noticed by the onlookers, probably one tries to guess the age of a person by seeing his or her condition of eyelashes.

Various causes of loss of eyelashes:

There are various reasons for the loss of eyelashes. The most common causes are as follows:

  • Aging
  • Heredity
  • Any medical condition
  • Side effects of some medicines and treatments
  • Too much of scrubbing and rubbing of eyes, etc.

Aging effects on eyelashes

There are four stages of eyelash maturity:

  • Growth
  • Retention
  • Shedding
  • Re-growth

Eyelash continuously undergoes through the stages mentioned above. When you are aging, the shedding maximizes, and re-growth becomes less. If you have concerns about the rapid falling out of lashes, you should consult your doctor to explore the causes and remedies of falling eyelashes.

There are various serums available in the market that your doctor might prescribe, to get back those lustrous eyelashes. Still, there are many renowned make-up experts who believe it’s an unjust, rather sin, to skip the application of mascara especially when aging effects are being visible. You have to understand the nature of hair, eyelash loss causes, sensitivity concerns with the eyes and valuable tips to resist anti-aging effects on eyelashes. It’s even more important to look after lashes because full and dense lashes help you look younger and attractive.

Anti-aging is not a myth   

Having fuller and thicker eyelashes is the dream of every woman. But sometimes your age might become a hindrance. Many people believe that no drug or mechanism invented to defy the effects of age. True? Well, this is one notion to look at the issue and another stream is that younger age can be lengthened, and anti-aging make-up is doing the same. You can erase the signs of the time to a great extent by taking a few extra steps. Some effective makeup tricks can do the magic and control the eyelashes falling out.

Ways to challenge the anti-aging effects on eyelashes:

  1. Take care of follicles

Follicles are the growth engine of hair and their power decreases with aging. It’s very significant to keeps the strength of follicles in order to minimize the aging effects. When you grow older the weakening of follicles lead the hair to get lighter, thinner, shorter and less dense; and once you start witnessing eyelashes falling out, the lash pigments become hard to regain. People in their 20s and 30s have the most luscious eyelashes as estrogen remains at its optimum level.

The environmental factor is also crucial as people living in areas of high air and water pollution or those with drug addiction are bound to face the aging effects earlier than the others.

  1. No replacement for healthy diet

Take a balanced diet containing protein and biotin along with vitamin-rich fruits. These not only endure the overall younger look but also help to retain thick and strong eyelashes for a long time. Some particular nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3 acids, and iron are essential for robust hair follicles. Citrus fruits, berries, bananas, guava, peaches, strawberries, peaches, grapes, pumpkin and green vegetables have potential to resist the aging effects, and thus provide a great prevention from aging eyelashes.


  1. Mascara does the magic

Mascara suitably coats each lash and helps to keep it the healthy look. Most commonly, mascara is applied for lash extending or thickening from ends to roots. It’s a great option for getting beautiful lashes at any age. At the same time, you must be careful about the quality of mascara to avoid any infection as such.

  1. Eyelash extenders are good substitute

In the modern age, the use of lash extensions is very popular to camouflage the loss of eyelash due to aging. Such extenders are affixed with particularly formulated glues. The make-up experts can attach the false eyelashes skilfully and with regular touch-ups you can endure the beautiful facial look.

  1. Anti-aging eyelash make-up

It’s very common to see aging women carrying their bag of make-up stuff and cosmetics to take care of their eyebrows and eyelashes. There are a number of over-the-counter cosmetic products and lash boosting serum that contain the sufficient amount of vitamins and moisturizers to strengthen eyelashes. You can consider make-up tips and tricks in order to get thicker hair and to make your face look younger and fresher.

  1. Treat dermatological problems

Take the help of your dermatologist if you notice any unnatural causes for thinning and fallout of eyelashes. There may be some allergic or skin problem that needs to be treated for the protection of eyebrow and eyelash; otherwise it could lead to complete destruction of follicles.

  1. Eyelash transplants

The surgery route of finding eyelashes is considered to be the extreme case.It helps to transfer scalp follicles onto the eyelid. Though technology has developed a lot for transplanting eyelashes but it still has some high-risk factor requiring evaluation.


Overall, the aging effect on eyelashes is a harsh reality for the people but the modern and effective anti-aging solutions give an excellent result. Both medication and make-up treatments are available for the aging eyelashes that can make a difference.