It’s well said, ‘the first impression creates the last impression.’ If it is a question of making a long-lasting impression, then your facial expression, body language, and behavior must come in-sync to make an impact. As the role of your eyes become important in doing the magic to impress someone, it is necessary to take care of your eyelashes with the help of fruits that help to strengthen the eyelash roots.

There are many tips to enhance the beauty of your eyes and a list of healthy fruits that help strengthening eyelashes to a great extent even in the extreme weather conditions. But it is also necessary that we don’t ignore the nutritional value of the foods that we eat.

The healthy development and maintenance of eyelashes are heavily dependent on nutrition that especially combines vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, omega-3 acids, and iron. Protein as Keratin is an essential nutrient to achieve the lush look of eyelashes, as well as hairs and nails. Without adequate nutrition, your eyelash and hair are more likely to give a dull look, thereby they are prone to break and turn gray. So those meals and fruits help strengthening eyelashes have to be rich in vitamins and proteins.

There are a number of fruits to make your eyelash strong and dense, lengthy, and long-lasting. Medical research says eyelash or any other hair comprises 97% keratin and 3% water, so naturally there should me more emphasis on improving keratin that can be achieved with the help of fruits. A change in diet and vitamin intake can improve the health and appearance of your eyelashes and hair.

Munch the following fruits to make your eyelashes longer and stronger:

  1. Citrus Fruits

Rich in vitamin C, lemon, grapefruit, orange and other citrus fruits play a significant role in preventing eyelash fallout and make hair re-grow naturally. There are many eyelash strengthening products, containing residues of citrus fruits, which include various face wash, lotions, shampoo, cream and other eyelash cosmetic products.

  1. Berries

A variety of berries is carried substantial amount of Vitamin C which is very good for the health of eyelashes. Its antioxidant element enhances your younger look by resisting wrinkles and loose skin.

  1. Banana

Bananas are among the top most fruits taken in order to reduce hair fall and eyelash falling. They are very affordable and easily available in every season. Rich in vitamin B, fiber, magnesium, pectin, etc. bananas are not just beneficial for hair but treat many skin problems too.  The fruit banana gave thickness to eyelash and reduce scalp irritation, thus reduces hair fall significantly.

  1. Guava

The healthy hair growth is very well supported by guava, rich in vitamin- A.

There are many pieces of research proving that guava has specific properties to check white flakes in the hair, which leads excessive hair fall. People take guava paste and mix it with some other natural elements like lemon and honey that can significantly strengthen eyelash follicles and mucous membranes.

  1. Peaches and Strawberries

Are you suffering from eyelash fall? No problem, peaches and strawberries can give a magical effect by making hair healthy and lustrous. These fruits are rich in silica that reduces the chances of baldness and falling of eyelash. The regular intake of strawberries can give you amazing results.

  1. Grapes

The vitamins, natural sugars and antioxidants found in grapes are very effective in improving hair growth. Moreover, its regularity in your meals can clean out impurities in the body system that ultimately encourages a proper growth of eyelash.

  1. Apples

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’! Very well said and it is truly applicable for the growth of beautiful hair too. Rich in vitamins, soluble fibers and antioxidants, apples have a wondrous effect on your hair.

  1. Peaches

Those who are looking for good and speedy growth of eyelashes can increase the intake of reddish orange peach. This fruit helps to gain healthy and long-lasting hair follicles, as well as shiny skin.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are highly filled with the antioxidant called beta-carotene, and our body turns this substance into vitamin-A. So, this particular affordable fruit helps protect against dry, dull eyelash and hair in totality.  sweet potatoes is one the foods that also strengthens the glands in your scalp that makes an oily fluid (sebum) and keeps hair shiny for a long time. The beta-carotene is also found in other orange vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, mangoes, and cantaloupe.


Apart from fruits some other things like water, proteins are essential elements, made up of amino acids; they help growth of hair. Some complete sources of proteins and biotin include eggs, mushrooms, peanut butter, beef, soybeans, cauliflower, cheese, pulse, chicken, beef, etc. The intake of seeds, grains, fruits, and nuts can easily compensate protein needed along with fruits for strengthening eyelash and hair on other body parts.