When it comes to beauty, long lashes are one of the most important features that make you look your best. Natural beauty is often characterized by long and dark lashes among other things. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with long and thick eyelashes. This is the reason so many women go to the great extent and spend too much money to flaunt those long lash strands. Now a day, it is so common to see someone with fake lashes. Eyelash extensions or false lash strips are so popular that we barely notice anyone who has falsies. But, don’t you girls need to use such falsies as there is an easy and low maintenance option available that will help you grow beautiful and long lashes.

Careprost- An ideal solution for rapid lash growth

Careprost is an ophthalmic solution that contains Bimatoprost, a lash enhancing ingredient, which works to target eyelashes from every angle. It has the ability to fight against premature fallout and environmental damaging elements by nourishing and strengthening lash strands. The active ingredient Bimatoprost repairs the lashes you already have after repeated use. It ensures your lashes grown longer, thicker, and gives your lashes a fuller look.

Careprost is a proven eye drop for growing longer and thicker eyelashes. With few side effects, one can have a great experience with the product and see a noticeable change within four weeks of application and so, with lasting results if used up to 12 to 16 weeks.

How to use Careprost for rapid lash growth?

The product is very simple to use. Apply it regularly over a period of 12 -16 weeks to attain maximum results. Discontinuing the ophthalmic solution before this time will cause or lash strands to go back to the earlier length and size. Therefore, it is necessary to use the eye drop regularly without missing any day. To apply the ophthalmic preparation, follow these instructions carefully.

Properly wash your hands and face to remove, all dirt, impurities, bacteria, and makeup. Give special attention to your fingertips and underneath your nails while cleaning hands. Make sure that remove contact lenses (if wear) before applying the Careprost solution.

All you need to do is squeeze one drop of formulation onto an eyeliner brush or the applicator that comes along with the ophthalmic preparation. Apply in a way that it lines the base of the top of the eyelid, spreading to the tip of each lash. Ensure that you don’t let the drop in your eye; complete the process for both the eye.  Immediately wipe out the excess solution with the help of tissue or cotton. Wash the applicator or your eyeliner brush thoroughly with warm water and store it in a clean and dry place along with Careprost.

Continue using it thrice per week to get longer and thicker eyelashes. Keep on buying the solution; make sure that you are not left short with the ophthalmic preparation; you can also order it online. Buy careprost solution online to get beautiful and long eyelashes.