An eye treatment for any vision problem becomes very easy if we identify the problem in the earlier stage itself. Detection of any vision problem is possible when a person goes for regular eye examination and tests.

It is very necessary to get the regular eye examinations and tests so as to identify the problem at the earliest and get the eye vision problem corrected.

Treatment options available to correct the vision problems:

  1. To treat short-sightedness:

It is a typical kind of eye problem that is also conventionally treated by using a spectacle to focus the visual images. The lenses of glasses are defined based on your eye specifications after an eye examination.

You can also consider wearing a contact lens instead of glasses. In some severe cases of short sightedness, you can also opt for surgical correction of your vision. The success rate is usually high in the event of surgery while the patient has another option of laser treatment.

  1. To treat long-sightedness:

In case the problem does not go away on its own, your eye specialist may recommend that you put on glasses or contact lenses according to your vision. Long distance vision problem usually goes off when the people start noticing headache and eye strain continuously.

  1. Treatment of Astigmatism:

Astigmatism can be treated only by using a corrective lens or a lens that can neutralize the effects of the uneven cornea. For using the lenses you can either have spectacles or you can use the contact lenses.

  1. Treatment of Cataracts:

Cataract condition shows the symptoms like cloudiness in the eyes and the natural eye lens becoming hard. This activity obscures the vision of the person and its treatment in earlier days was very complicated. Nowadays, there is a simpler process that requires ultrasound based ‘lens phacoemulsification’  wherein an incision is made in eye to break the cataract and remove the cloudiness.

The procedure does not need any stitches, and the patient can go home after a few hours.

  1. Treatment of Macular degeneration:

There is currently no treatment procedure to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Here are a few ways by which you can do new treatment to prevent an excess of vision loss  and to minimize the effects of macular degeneration:

  • Laser therapy treatment
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Injections of medicines to prevent the leakage of blood vessels
  • Retinal translocation
  • Low vision aids and devices that can magnify the images
  • Submacular surgery
  • Increased consumption of Vitamins like C and E and antioxidants. These are good for eye health along with beta carotene and zinc
  1. Treatment of Retinal detachment:

For treating the case of retinal detachment, laser surgery is a good option. It has a high success rate. In cases where retinal peeling and tearing is vast,  there an additional surgery is done to make the necessary changes.

  1. Treatment of Glaucoma:

The condition of glaucoma occurs when the body is not able to drain the fluid of the eye properly, and it thus builds up in the eye, leaving an enormous pressure called intraocular pressure. The treatment just requires a use of a series of eye drops. The treatment by the use of eyedrops is necessary to keep the disease and ailment under control.  In some severe cases, laser or surgery can also be recommended. Eye drop for glaucoma is careprost bimtoprost ophthalmic solution .

Apart from these treatment options, you can improve your eyesight by:

  • Having vegetables rich in carotenoids, for example, spinach and other leafy vegetables
  • Avoiding exposure to UV rays of the sun
  • Avoid smoking
  • Taking multivitamins and antioxidants under medical supervision