The area around our eyes is very delicate and supple. While handling this area you must be extra careful and touch the area gently and softly. Similarly, the eyelashes are also very delicate and require easy handling and proper care. There are various eyelash care tips for you to follow and keep your eyelashes in good health.

Eyelashes are the most striking feature of an eye. The eye colour and eye shape don’t matter if you have long and dark lashes because they add to the beauty of your eyes. Hence, it is very necessary to take proper care of your eyelashes, especially during extreme weathers.

Here is a guide of quick, natural and easy eyelash care tips for all beautiful people who want to get rid of their thin and wispy eyelashes and want to get longer and darker eyelashes:

  1. Try to prevent rough wear and tear of your lashes. You should keep your hands away from the eyes as much as possible because if you rub your eyes very harshly or if your tug your eyelashes then you might end up losing the eyelash strands. The continuous falling of eyelashes will result in thinner lash hair.
  2. Put a stop to poor makeup habits, and adopt some clean makeup application and removal regimens.

A few helpful tips are:

  • Never use soap to clean the eyelash area
  • Thoroughly clean your eyelash area using a mild cleanser, baby oil or even small amount of water will work for removing the makeup remains
  • Avoid plucking the eyelashes
  • If you are fond of mascara, then there are various eyelash care products in the market. Opt for those mascara products that are waterproof, as it will strengthen the eyelashes
  • For those who can’t venture out without eyeliner on, a special handy tip is that applying eyeliner closer to the upper eyelashes, will give an illusion of thicker eyelashes.
  • If you love dyeing your lash hairs, choose the best professional makeup artist to do the job for you. Never try yourself.
  • While using an eyelash curler, avoid pinching the roots of the eyelashes and the eyelid skin below the lash hairs
  1. Condition your eyelashes to enhance the eyelash growth. Moisturizing and conditioning eyelashes can make them healthy and strong. It will help the lash hairs to grow faster and stronger. For conditioning your eyelashes you can apply Vaseline jelly every night before bed, using a clean mascara brush or with clean fingers. You can also use some natural products like almond oil, castor or olive oil on your eyelashes to strengthen the lash hairs and to make them shinier.
  2. Some people, who use eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes should always use the best quality products to avoid allergic reactions. Always remember to remove fake eyelashes using a Vaseline or baby oil to dissolve the adhesive used to attach the fake eyelashes.
  3. Eat healthy food good for hair growth. Vitamin-A, Vitamin-E and some minerals are very good for skin and hair. Include plenty of fruits and veggies in your diet, like apple, guava and green leafy vegetables, etc. They are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the growth of eyelashes.
  4. Including eggs, meat, fish and other sources of protein in the daily diet is very good for eyelashes. These are the natural eyelash enhancers.
  5. Keep a check on all kind of eye infections and diseases. Do meet an eye specialist to find the solution to your problem. Sometimes vitamin deficiency or hormonal therapy is enough to cause a loss of hair from different parts of the body including eyelashes.
  6. Do not use eye makeup products or fake eyelash extensions for a long period, as the hair roots require time to breathe and rejuvenate. It is a very difficult task for the hair root, to replenish them with the eye makeup on. Thus, you should try to keep at least your nighttime reserved exclusively for the eye health. Let them be bare and makeup-free, apply a drop of Vitamin-E rich oil on your eyelashes and let it do the wonders to the lash hairs!


Of course, eyelashes do fall off due to various reasons, but there is no need to worry. You can take care of your eyelash and make them grow stronger and healthier. If you want to have longer and beautiful eyelashes then, go for the above-mentioned eyelash care tips and ideas, and see the glowing results.