Eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your eyelashes healthy. Along with a healthy diet, there are some other steps that you need to follow, if you want to achieve healthy eyelashes.

It is said that eyelashes define the beauty of eyes. Long and dark eyelashes make your eyes look gorgeous. Many people, especially women crave for long and dark eyelashes to enhance the look of their eyelashes and to make them darker, women tend to use various eyelash care products and accessories. Mascara is one of the most commonly adored cosmetic product. It provides beauty to the eye as well as provide a layer of style. There are various artificial ways to get bold eyelashes, but they are not safe all the time. Use of natural medication is the best idea to keep eyelashes safe. Stick to all the natural remedies and get beautiful eyelashes naturally.

Use oil as a natural medication

Make a habit of using olive or castor oil on your eyelashes before going to the bed. Use a clean mascara brush to apply oil on your eyelashes in the same way as you apply mascara. You can also apply oil with your fingers in case if you don’t have mascara brush. Wash your face when you wake up and get rid of the sticky oil on the eyelashes and apply whatever makeup product you want. Regular use of these oils helps you in achieving the goal of healthy eyelashes. However, you need to wait patiently for getting the look that you desired for.

Apply petroleum jelly

You can use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your eyelashes to get healthy eyelashes. Apply the petroleum jelly on the eyelashes before you sleep with a mascara brush or using your fingers. In fact, you can also apply a good quality lip balm to nourish your lashes.


Use egg white

If you intend to make their eyelashes stronger, then you can use the mixture of castor oil and egg white. Use two drops of both the castor oil and egg white, mix it well and apply it with your fingers. You can also apply the mixture with the mascara brush. The use of this mixture will not only nourish your lashes but also gives a shiny appearance to your little wonders.

Use minimum cosmetic products

To keep unwanted chemicals away from your eyelashes use eyemakeup only when necessary. Try to wash off the mascara and eyeliner everynight before going to sleep. Your eyelashes also need fresh air, so keep your lashes free from makeup most of the time. Make sure that the applied makeup is removed properly.

Avoid applying fake lashes

Try to avoid using fake eyelashes as they harm the natural eyelashes. Many women use fake lashes on a daily basis which is very harmful to the eyes. Fake lashes contain lead that can affect the eye health.

Check your makeup product before buying

You need to check what cosmetic product you are choosing for your eyes and whether they are safe for your eyes or not. Most women use mascara to enhance their look, to thicken their eyelashes. It is important to replace your mascara every three to six months. Change your mascara when it become dry and consider it as one of the valuable tips to protect eyelashes. Mascara contains a mix of different chemicals, if you experience itchy or red eyes, immediately stop applying it and switch to a new mascara. If your eyes are sensitive to eye makeup, then use hypoallergic products.

Check your lashes for eye dandruff

Our lashes can get badly affected with the eye dandruff as it weakens the eyelashes and leads to eyelash loss. Hence, make sure you are not having one such issue. try to avoid putting too much of harsh chemical makeup on eyes as they dry the skin on eyelids and promote eye dandruff.

Eat healthy

Like your other body parts, your eyelashes also need vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy and strong. So, make sure your intake of food is healthy. Vitamin B6 is found to play a vital role in hair re-growth. It helps in supporting the metabolism of keratin. Keratin is a protein present in the body that helps in achieving healthy eyelashes. Biotin also known as vitamin H can strengthen hair. Vitamin H makes lashes thicker and stronger. Food resources that are containing iron such as liver, spinach, beans, etc. also help in the growth of healthy eyelashes. Try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. A better health increases the beauty of your body outside.

Many people neglect their eyelash, but one should never forget that eyelashes are very important to the body. They protect our eyes from small foreign particles from entering our eyes. If you want guaranteed results, ensure that you know and follow these tips to protect your lashes.