A smooth eyeliner application is a tough task for beginners. If applied on lower lid or watery line then it may increase the risk of eye infections, contamination, and blurred vision. However, there is no specific eyeliner side effects;  the risks comes only when you apply it improperly.

Eyeliner is probably the trickiest part of your makeup routine, but it is also the one makeup product that makes the most difference. Eyeliner is the perfect tool to reshape your eyes, It is the best way to play with color and make a statement. You don’t have to go under the knife to get the bigger-looking eyes if you know how to apply eyeliner properly. However, many women find difficulty in applying it and face problems while applying it.

Some eyeliner problems that most of the women face while using it

  • When you draw a line in one eye with the help of eyeliner, you are unable to draw the same perfect line to the other eye.
  • On some days, it takes more time applying eyeliner than other cosmetic products to achieve the perfect look.
  • The right and left eyeliner will always be different.
  • Your eyelids seem to get oily only when you have eyeliner on, which converts your eyes to panda eyes.
  • Finding a smudge-proof liner is like winning a lottery

Tips to apply the eyeliner :

The following tips will help you stay away from eyeliner problem:

  • Take your time, while applying eyeliner.
  • First of all, sharpen the pencil, and heat it up a little but do not heat it too much as it can harm your eyes.
  • While holding the brush or pencil, rest the elbow of your arm on a hard surface and rest your wrist on your face as doing this will reduce the problem of applying too much eyeliner on your eye.
  • Bring your eyes to a semi-open state as this allows you to see how you are applying. Be comfortable while applying the eyeliner.


  • Apply the eyeliner on the top lashline, if you want thicker lashes. Do not touch it immediately, let it be dry for few seconds.
  • Use a Q-tip to correct your eyeliner. Dip the Q-tip in the makeup remover and then use it to correct the mistake.
  • When you apply on the lower eyelid, trace the outside of your eye by following the eye shape. While applying it on the lower eyelid, you need to be very careful because if you failed to apply it properly, you might experience erythema of the eyelid

Tips to overcome problems while applying the liquid eyeliners:

In many cases while you apply liquid eyeliner you are bound to spend at least 20 minutes attempting to make it perfect. But once you are done with the eyeliner, you realize that your lashes are covered in clumps of the liner. You are not the only victim of liquid liner-to-lash transfer cases, but most of the women experience it. Below are the steps to overcome liquid eyeliner problems:

  • The liquid liner comes in two types: Dip brush and a felt tip that looks like a marker. Choose according to your comfort.
  • Apply eyeliner before mascara and after wearing eye shadows.
  • You need to be in the right position while applying it so; it is necessary to rest your elbow on a hard surface like a table and your hands on your cheeks.
  • Draw a row of dashes or dots on the upper eyelid as this will reduce the chance of a wavy line. Avoid putting eyeliner on a single line.
  • Slowly connects the dashes or dots. Try not to connect all the dots in a single stroke.
  • Draw a small tail with a steady hand, at the outer edge of your eyelid.
  • If you are applying it on the lower eyelid, apply it on the outer side of the eyelid, make sure to avoid the contact with the eyes. If it gets into your eyes, it can cause various side effects such as irritation, itching, and vision problem.

Applying eyeliner is a very difficult chore in the beginning but once you practise it or become habitual you would be able to draw a perfect eyeline in one or two strokes only. If you remember and follow all these instructions, then you may avoid facing any liquid eyeliner problems.